Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ What It Means to be Alive!

What it means to be alive only happens when we feel more alive and can begin to express this feeling of joy in everything we do. Most of us have never learned what it means to be alive. We live our life but more as a routine. We rarely feel what we want. Even when we feel love, it is a shallow surge of energy that doesn’t last long. As our consciousness opens we start to feel more and perceive more. There is more of a Presence inside of us that tells us “I am here!”

This Presence of Consciousness is Pure Love, but in the beginning, before we start to meditate and expand our consciousness, we only felt shallow feelings without any depth to them. Our ego mind dominates everything we do and it becomes a blind habit that lacks any depth of feeling. The closer we get to Enlightenment, the more Present we become and the more we feel Life Force moving through us in everything we do. The Love glows and we start to radiate this love without thinking about it. The more Love radiates through our presence, the more people notice us and the more the universe responds to our needs.
Enlightenment is not a dry separation from our life. It is the real feeling of what it means to be alive and fully present with our heart in everything we do. When our heart moves with love, the whole world responds and everyone is happy. There is no thinking and no ego. It is just a natural but mighty flow of energy filled with love and compassion and joy.
Discovering this presence of energy is something we will experience more and more every day until it becomes so magnificent that we wonder why we never felt this before. What we have missed in our previous way of living will blossom as our heart opens and we feel what it really means to be alive. It is a glorious life. We are lucky to be alive and even luckier to live a human life with an open heart full of love.

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