Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Méline Portia Lafont ~ A message from Robin Williams

(thanks to Karl for this image)

As channeled through Méline Lafont

Robin williams:
I come to you with gratitude, gratitude for all you have been to me which is the polite nature of grace, love, understanding and compassion. It has been an overwhelming process for me to experience, yet not to be grasped with the physical mind of the human perception for all is an extension of you in experiences. Now I see all that I could not see before. I see all the experiences in life as an extension of the human experience as to where knowledge comes in to be gained and to be pursued to gain back the Love one truly is and longs for.

I have not seen Love for a while and was lost, trapped in the dualistic Illusion mankind prevailed in. Although I searched for it through many ways and forms, I could not see. Not in the way I see it now. I was trapped in the forgotten space of Illusion as to where Love was experienced separately from the Self. Now I know better as I do see all in the extension of what truly is. I gained Love through laughter and pleasure, that what makes a human being smile with tenderness and care. It was my only way to deal with life and to get myself through it, I just laughed through everything even the worse cases just to get through the harshness and the bitterness of life, for there is much bitterness in this world.

Nothing should be so bitter and sober, as to where laughter comes in and sweeps up the long forgotten memory of what one truly is, cause laughter awakes the inner child within all and brings happiness in oneself.

I am mesmerized by the way humanity has changed already since my departure on such a short notice and it is just dazzling how much of the Earthly plane is shifting in gears, for nothing is truly being left untouched. I was touched while being there with you all, I was touched in so many ways through various sources but yet I could not find a way to stand for who I was in life. I was bombarded by many oppositions and delays of what I was truly standing for. I could not break through, I could not see how to get out of there; this fabrication of the human ego mind where there is only right or wrong, black or white, and strong or weak.

This fabrication left me feeling unreal on this planet as if I was the illusion living in reality, not knowing what was the solution to get out of that thinking. So I smiled myself through this and just let myself Be for a while, turning into a shadow of my being instead of being who I truly am. It is a harsh world out there and I did my part. I did what I did and there is no use in determining as to how and why I did this, there is only one part of me that could give you that sense of what was going on inside of me and it is what I now share with you all as I want you all to know that, truly, there is no better way of knowing than being in your heart during your journey.

When you get in your head, your ego will take a run with you through the most impossible ways so that you get nuts, and you truly will get nuts complaining that you cannot find a way out of this as your head has already turned you over to the impossible and the entrapped illusion inside of your head. It is like a labyrinth that never ends. The heart is the Key and it is there where Mona Lisa smiles, while knowing that whatever is going on worse case scenario, all is going to be fine when you are in your heart. No matter what harshness is surrounding you, and there is much upon the world I can assure you, smile in your heart and celebrate the joy within your own heart. Let yourself not be confused of what others think of you or may project upon you, it is purely distraction, it distracted me as well. It can get into the fibers of your being and heart, leaving you completely down and depressed as society puts another in-boxed image upon you, telling you how you need to be so that you play upon their rules.

It is about power and greed, nothing more in these heads. Step away from everything that is told to you from the mindset of the head. Step away from what they want you to be or to become in life. Step away from distractions and attempts to keep you disconnected from your heart, and be in your heart with a smile upon your face keeping that happiness of who you are alive. Be yourself, empowered and acknowledged from your heart and stand there proud, happy and confident about yourself.

I can see now where you all stand in life and I can see now that everything surrounding me, surrounding you,(energies) are purely extensions of ourselves in higher levels of Love. The Love in here at this plane of consciousness is beyond what you encounter in life, it is so much more and vibrating. If I could give you a sense of what it is like, believe me I would but for now all I wanted to say is that you can step away from that which I could not at that time; and that is the harshness that is put upon you all from the illusionary systems of greed and power.

You can stand in your own power and it is the will of your own heart, to be that what you mean in life to yourself, to others. Disconnect from that which is nothing but distraction, harshness and greed, and stand in your own power from an observer perspective as when you become the observer by stepping away/detaching from what is going on in your life, you see everything so clear and strong. That is a knowing I have gained now even more as I am truly becoming myself again now, more and more.

Step away from that what is holding you in the power of greed and cruelty, from that what makes your heart cry, from that which brings up anger and confusion, and by all means I do not mean the way I did it, as that was my choice nothing to lead by example here, but by disengaging from the cruelty mankind applies in a variety of systems that makes you believe you need to fit in or need to be for someone's pleasure and entertainment or greed. Be in your heart and stay there, breathing out what is giving you a feeling of being disabled. Breathe in again your own power of Love, through joy and laughter and stay strong in your belief that you count in life.

Power over will is not the solution here on Earth, but Divine Will in co-operation is, where all are heard and allowed to speak their tongues of truth. I have spoken my truth in a way, but believed that all mankind will be pure laughter and joy again someday. It just was not right anymore for me to chase the laughter within everyone that have become this bitterness as I had met my own through the grief and the sorrow my brain has led me to believe to be truth.

I have gained your love, your support, your well wishes and so much more that I have found compassion again in my soul. Accompanied by angels and blessings I am being lifted up on my journey back towards my being. The world is not on a bad run, it is just running out of the bad that has been implied by the believers in the first place. It is darkness, I call it, in the where so much Light abides.

Thank you for everything you have done for my soul, it is appreciated beyond measure. It is a thank you and a blessing in return for all of your blessings upon my soul

Robin Williams

Copyright © Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline: http://melinelafont.com


  1. Thank you Robin and Meline for this beautiful message. Thank you all for the love and assistance you have given to Robin - truly Devine Love!

  2. I feel certain this is Robin. I could feel his soul in every word. Im so happy our love lifted him to the light where he deserves to be. I loved him dearly he was an incredible human being. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. ॐ ♥ This is soo heart & soultouching. Thank you Sweet Souls, Meline & Robin Williams for making this possible. I feel greatly uplifted by this & will share with Love & Gratitude. ॐ ♥ May All the Beings in All the Worlds Be At Peace From Within ॐ ♥ May God Bless You & All abundantly who pay respect to Mother Earth & All Living beings upon & within Her. I Love the Lord as He Loves Me. We are All Instruments for Spreading His Eternal Love & Peace. I AM. Om Shanti. Namaste ॐ ♥

  4. Thank you Robin and Meline. Peace Love and Light to you. Thank you Robin for the lessons and Joy and for sharing this beautiful message with so many who need to hear it. Blessings, Peace, AUM, Namaste,Nancy

  5. Oh neat, that's a screenshot from the movie 'Noah'! Winged Light Beings!