Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sandra Walter ~ excerpt of message towards the September Gateway

An excerpt from last week's message, since so many are asking the same questions about intensity, the pressure/squeeze on the lower levels, depression, sadness, anxiety, etc. as we move toward the September gateway.

Pressure on the Lower Realms

I AM sure that many of you working with the higher realms have noticed the pressure on the lower realm thought forms, programs, conditioning, etc. Our brothers and sisters who made lower vibrational choices in their incarnations here are getting the cosmic squeeze. That applies to government, not-so-secret societies, corporations, your neighbors and your old Self. As always, if you agree to disharmony, deception or perpetuation of lower level programs/thought forms/habits, you create drag on this new paradigm ship. Kindly throw those items overboard.

While there is a bit of struggle in those choosing to perpetuate disharmony, this is not a concern of higher levels of love. Use this as your litmus test for where you are in your process. The teachings of detached compassion and unconditional love demonstrate the difference between judgment and discernment, between separation and highest interests of all concerned. Feel the difference, understand the mechanism of Divine Love straight-from-Source.

Many feel compassion for those who made lower vibrational choices in the Earth plane. Perhaps you feel the feet-to-the-fire dynamic as the light intensifies. All is well, and I encourage any being in service to disconnect from the lower dimensional shadow of the old paradigm, especially during these revelation gateways. There is so much to be discovered in your personal journeys. Many are seeing and feeling their new true role in the Shift. Some are remembering the higher-level architectural work of designing disclosure, financial resets, and new systems. Let it be; those designs are in play for the least amount of drama possible. Anything triggering anxiety, sadness, depression, or fear is merely old programs trying to get in, or old light trying to get out of your system. It is a reflection of the global state of consciousness. Do the local clearing work when it presents. Keep the vessel clear for the New. This doesn’t mean isolation, although you may be guided to your cave on occasion. Use your discernment moment to moment.

It may be frustrating to see many who enjoy the Lightworker title continuing to engage with the conspiracy level of awakening. Try not to spin off center on behalf of another’s journey. Look at what is available for you to learn if you are triggered by that mess. Know that much of that engagement is karmic repercussion, as those obsessed with payback or fear triggers are those who perpetuated these programs in the past. Those programs continue to work with the egoic, mind and emotional levels of the old DNA in the old light resonance.

As the new light activates on a global scale, you may notice mainstream efforts to trigger the truth speeding up. These are attempts to balance cosmic karma as the squeeze of Divine Love intensifies. The upcoming release of Left Behind is a good example of this; an interpretation of what is occurring delivered in a dramatic wrapper to get the attention of lower consciousness. As shared in the last message, the new DNA resonates at the level of Divine Love and Divine Will. It is the true HUman genome, and is accessible to anyone who chooses to raise their consciousness, prepare the physical vessel and open themselves as a conduit of pure intention to serve. It is an untouchable vibration of consciousness which cannot be affected by lower vibrations. Full article:

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