Friday, August 29, 2014

Natalie Glasson ~ Mother Mary : Gentle Practices for Self-Love and Empowerment

A very soft and gentle love [exudes] from the Angelic Kingdom, guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings.
This love is so seemingly mild and delicate that it could be completely ignored and dismissed as being weak, or as not holding the presence of power expected from the Creator’s vibration of love.
It is this love vibration that holds power in its gentleness and delicate vibrations. It requires your focus and openness [in order] to accept and recognize the love.
Guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings, the Angelic Kingdom is emanating a love vibration, as a healing and further awakening, for those ready to embrace a greater presence of love in their realities.

[It is] as if the Angelic Kingdom is singing a beautiful cherished lullaby, only whispering it into the universe of the Creator to souls who are ready to receive. This is the love vibration being transmitted now.
It is so sacred, holy, cherished and treasured. [It holds] such profound wisdom, energetic codes and enlightening insights. [These] seep so gently, as if not wishing to disturb anything, simply finding their way to where they need to be.
This love is youthful, innocent, pure and subtle. It requires and asks those ready to acknowledge a purer aspect of love within them[selves], to call it forth and to be enveloped.
This love wave is intended for every soul and will reach every soul with divine timing. In this instant, it is being called forth by souls upon the Earth who are awake, aware and mastering their being, loving themselves and others unconditionally.
[These souls may] still be experiencing stagnation or resistance to fully embracing themselves, life and the Creator, [thus hindering their ability] to experience freedom from issues of pain or seemingly immovable energy.
Do not doubt your worthiness to receive this love vibration, for it is flowing to support your needs, bringing a greater sense of freedom and release to your being and reality.
Imagine, acknowledge or sense yourself receiving this wave or mist of love from the Angelic Kingdom, akin to a lullaby whispered so gently. The love embraces you.
You may hardly feel, sense or acknowledge it. But as its presence grows around you and as you open your heart chakra to the energy, you may be touched by its innocence and purity, as if witnessing the most sacred blessing of your being and the Creator.
It is akin to the first breath of love from the Creator, so nurturing and nourishing. Even though it may seem weak and faint, it is deeply precious and valued by you and your soul. You may wish to say:
‘I am worthy of receiving the gentle, subtle lullaby whisper of love, guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings from the Angelic Kingdom. I recognize the purity and preciousness of this vibration of love.
‘As I open my heart, this love vibration reminds me of how precious, sacred, holy and treasured I am on all levels of my being, especially at the level of truth of the Creator within my being.
‘In receiving this love vibration I am ready to value, cherish and treasure myself as the truth and pure love of my being, eternally present. Thank you.’
The energy of the Angelic Kingdom, guided by the Cosmic Goddess Beings who are representatives of the holy feminine vibrations in existence within all, send this message upon a gentle wind that may be ignored or unvalued by some because it doesn’t [seem to] hold a powerful impact.
On the contrary, its impact is immensely powerful, as you are asked by your own being, as you call for this energy to gently and humbly remind you of the immense value of your soul and of your sacred presence upon the Earth.
[We encourage you] to recognize the divine within you, how subtle and powerful you are and how treasured and pure your being is.
The Angelic Kingdom and Cosmic Goddess Beings come forth with a very powerful reminder to trigger and ask you to cherish and humbly appreciate yourself and your divine essence.
They ask that you call upon their energy using the above invocation. Allow their lullaby, like a whispered love wave, to surround you, entering into your heart chakra; activating, achieving and healing all that is needed, thus creating an experience of freedom within your being.
Remember this energy is subtle, so you may not even recognize the shifts and healing taking place, and might be asked to simply hold faith and trust in the process and influence of the energy.
Understanding this love vibration is almost impossible. It can simply be described as purity. So let yourself be free from the experience of ‘understanding’ as you embark on this unification and activation.
It is my wish to share with you the gentle, subtle practices and inspiration, which aid the same subtle activations, shifts and realizations within your being. It is these subtle shifts of energy, consciousness and beliefs, which have the greatest impact upon your spiritual ascension. This is why I, Mother Mary, come forth with such gentleness to support and assist you now.
Often within our beings there is a resistance to noticing and accepting the gentleness, subtlety and quietness of our energies, thoughts, actions, and healing or retuning processes. In many ways an unwillingness to recognize the power of such subtleties symbolizes a resistance to accept one’s true spiritual power and magnificent divinity.
By honoring and cherishing the subtle shifts of awareness, consciousness, healing, love and self-acceptance within you, you awaken the greater power of your truth.
Your heart chakra, in fact all of your chakras and your entire being, are a synthesis of divine energy vibrations and aspects of the Creator. There is a synthesis of diversity and oneness within your being which can be challenging to recognize, especially when faced with the impact of separation, which inhabitancy of a physical body can portray.
I bring into the clarity of your mind and thought patterns the image of a tree trunk. When it has been cut down and you are able to view within the trunk, you notice ring after ring extending from the core of the trunk, creating ever-flowing and expanding circles upon circles – each one valuable, and yet creating a whole.
Now I invite you to imagine your heart chakra in this way. In the center of your heart chakra would be the core which represents the Creator. Then the next ring of light surrounding the core may be your soul group energy. The following ring could be the energy of your soul, and then your personality.
Imagine how many rings there may be, for there may be a ring for your Angelic body and connection to the Angelic Kingdom, your emotional body, the universal energies, cosmic energies, Ascended Master body, Fairy body and so forth.
The list of possibilities is endless because you are recognizing all aspects and parts of your being and energy. You are the Creator, so that includes everything – all energies upon the inner planes, and all vibrations of light.
Through this practice you can simultaneously acknowledge the many aspects of your being. For example, [acknowledge] your vibration of abundance or perfect health, while recognizing yourself as a whole and unified being of light. You do not need to know the exact order of the rings of light. Simply be inspired by whatever comes forth to be acknowledged.
Begin by saying: ‘I acknowledge, activate and accept the Creator.’ Imagine the core within your heart chakra as a source of the Creator. Then a new ring of light appears around the core.
Acknowledge this ring with the same words and the energy it emanates. Please do not think of this as an exercise of discovery where you must give to yourself correct answers. Be inspired by what comes forth and enjoy the freedom of not needing to gain accuracy and understanding.
Continue with this process for as long as you wish. Notice how your entire being becomes filled with such supreme light which is simultaneously you and the Creator.
As souls on the Earth and the inner planes, our greatest gift and ability are those of giving and receiving. We are always in the divine flow of the Creator, and therefore have a natural ability to give and receive the Creator in abundance.
This is a very powerful ability to recognize within your being as a natural talent you possess. With this recognition comes the understanding of needing to practice your ability.
I wish to invite you to practice your ability in a sanctuary of safety, guided and supported by your guides and inner-plane light beings. In this way there is no fear but only the experience.
Allow yourself to think of or feel a guide, your community of guides or an energy you wish to connect with. It can be an individual angel, master or guide, or a collective energy. Simply invite your chosen energy to be present with you.
‘I invite _______ to be present with me; to support, nurture and nourish me; sharing your love, light and wisdom with me. Thank you.’
Imagine, sense or acknowledge the energy embracing you. Reach your hands out in a cupped shape as a gesture of receiving. Let your hands be filled with light. Then place your hands flat on your heart chakra in a gesture of giving the energy to yourself and your heart.
The important key is your breathing, as this will intensify the process. As you receive with your hands cupped, inhale. Place your hands upon your heart chakra. Only when you feel your hands touching and in contact with your chest and heart chakra do you exhale, imagining the light flowing into your heart and entire being. Now inhale as you reach your hands out in front of you as you receive the light, then exhale only when your hands have returned to your heart chakra. Then continue in this motion for as long as you wish.
You may feel your heart expanding. You are practicing the ability of receiving and giving. To give to yourself is a very powerful process. It is also important to remember that receiving and giving can be an instant process. There is no need for you to wait for your cupped hands to be filled with light; it is instantaneous as soon as you set the intention. This is also [true] for [all of] your reality and experiences.
Please know I am here supporting you eternally,
I am Mother Mary,
In divine blessings and love.

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