Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Clearing Clouds of Emotion

Yesterday all my troubles seemed to come to visit me! Emotions I never wanted to look at came up from deep inside of me. Suddenly I was human!
I wanted to run away and hide. But even if I ran away, the emotions were there, waiting for me!
What to do?
Don’t run away, but find a safe place to feel what you are feeling.
Don’t throw them on the ones you love, but feel them when you are alone, and let them out.
Emotions are like clouds in the sky. They can come at any moment to cover the sun. When emotions come, we wonder, “Where did the sunshine go?”

The answer is simple. The sun is still there behind the clouds! Behind the clouds of our emotions is the same loving sun that was there before. Allow the clouds to clear and the sun will shine again!
If we try to stop the clouds, they seem to build up more. Then we have so many clouds filling the sky of our mind and darkening our heart. Let the clouds open up and release the rain!
Our emotions are contained inside all of our cloudy thoughts! If we let the emotions come out, it is like rain pouring down upon the Earth. Do you know that the rain is good for the earth? It nourishes the Earth and everything comes alive!
Maybe you thought that emotions were bad for the Earth?
When we can be honest and let out All of our stored up emotions, it is like the rain! It nourishes us! It helps us to feel alive again!
It helps our mind to get clear and see what we could not see when we were cloudy. Realization dawns and we feel clear and refreshed! But this cannot happen if we only let out a few emotions.
If we hold in our emotions, they build up until a storm erupts. Let them out one by one, little by little.
But our ego is like a powerful mountain. The mountain catches the clouds that normally pass through the sky every day. Then the cloud cover builds up and a storm breaks out over the mountain. The water rushes down the mountain like a river and breaks everything our ego has held dear.
Catching clouds is bad for our health! Our ego grabs the feelings and traps them! We think we can control them but eventually there are so many clouds of emotion that we can’t stop them any more. A storm breaks out and our loved ones suffer.
Every day practice letting go of your emotions in a safe way. Start with the easy emotions and build up your ability to feel them little by little. Eventually you will feel safer with the deeper and more powerful emotions. If you feel safe with them, they will come out safely! It is all a fear produced by our mind that says, “Emotions are dangerous and bad.”
Cancel this thought! Open your heart when you are alone and allow your self to feel some easy emotions: scream into a pillow, cry, express your fear and allow your self to feel sorry about what you did. If you can do this little by little, understanding and love will return.
Emotions have a sequence that will allow you to master them.
1 – Anger comes first. It is the strongest and crudest of our emotions. Don’t try to be reasonable. Just be angry! Let it out! (Of course do this when no one is listening!!)
2 – Sadness and hurt come next. Let the tears flow! When tears flow the ice is melting! Let it out!
3 – Fear of the unknown comes next. Fear that you will never change and fear that your emotions will never go away. Feel this fear and see what you are afraid of. Releasing your fear brings knowledge. All fear is based on the unknown. Let it out and what you want to know will start to appear.
4 – Guilt is the last stage to be released. To feel guilty for what happened and for what we did helps us to release the burden we have been carrying. Let it out and a miracle will appear!
5 – Understanding and love come automatically once we have taken responsibility for our feelings. Letting them out clears the clouds from our mind and the darkness from our heart.
Clear your emotions and you will feel clear! No thinking just feeling! No blaming others and no screaming at another. Just be alone with your self and let the emotions come out one at a time in this sequence. It really works!
Of course do your meditation when you have finished!!! You will feel better!!

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