Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ The Mighty River of Life

Have you ever felt the River of Life moving through your body and soul? It is a mighty stream of energy that moves through all living beings. This mighty stream of energy is our Life Force. If we learn to harness it, it becomes a mighty force that allows us to accomplish anything.
When we are up in our head, we never notice this mighty force moving through us. We try to control our life with our mind, adapting everything we see to be what we want. This control is the source of all our frustrations and pain. We have to learn to let go and move with the River of Life, follow the mighty energy that moves through our heart.

The mighty river of our life moves through our heart. All control begins in our mind. The heart and the mind are the two wheels that drive our life. Our heart wheel moves with nature. It is in harmony with the universe. Our mind wheel moves with our ideas of how we want our life to be. Our mind is rarely considerate of the way the world around us wants to be. The mind only knows how to force our way upon everything around us.
Life is like a river. Life is alive, it moves. When the force of life moves, everything is in harmony and everything supports everything else. This is the way of Nature. When human beings ignore this flow of energy, we never learn how to recognize the most powerful gift we have. We end up pushing our way through life and feeling frustrated that nothing in our life works.
Human beings want to go upstream to get what we want and never slow down enough to see how it feels when we let go and go with the flow. When we let go and go with the flow, everything works. The river moves everything in the same direction. Nothing resists the river.
The river always gets bigger and bigger as the power inside of us accumulates. Trying to go against this flow and control the river is exhausting. Go with the flow and the river will take you where you want to go.
The heart is your key. The mind is your distraction. The mind tries to convince us that if we keep pushing, we will eventually have what we want. It never works. The mind is a liar.
Only the heart knows for sure. The heart sees what the mind cannot see. The mighty river of life force moves through our heart every day. It is this same force that keeps us alive. When we ignore it and try to move against it, we get old and eventually die of frustration and stress.
If you want to be happy and find success the easy way, learn how to listen to your heart. Feel the mighty energy of your desire and let it move. Follow this energy rather than controlling it. Your heart never tells your mind where it is going. Put your mind aside and follow your heart. In the end, your mind will see that it worked and finally understand the greatest teaching about life: follow your heart and do what you love.
When you follow your heart, love gets stronger and guides you to the things that will make you happy. Give up trying to understand! Stop trying to figure it all out! Just relax and find the flow. Now open your heart and let the energy of love guide you to the path of happiness. Remember: You have to lose control before you can find happiness!

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