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Channeling Course Module 1 and 2 now available in 2 languages


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The Channeling course is created for you to assist you on your path to get to channeling but also to get to know yourself on a deep way. Since the thrive behind this created course is to help you to connect with your Higher Self, we will be focusing on Self work in order to get a clear and firm connection with your Higher Self before channeling it. We concentrate on channeling your Higher Self as you carry the wisdom and inner knowledge that the Masters have, for you are a Master being yourself. Everything is to be found within your own heart. We will be concentrating on channeling the Self from the heart so that you won't start channeling from a point of separation (mind) but from union with Self instead.

The entire course exists of 5 Modules divided into steps of Self work, meditations and exercises to get to that point of channeling. This course can be done online; no need to be present physically , you can do this course at your place, on your time and whenever you want. I will follow you up through e-mail and skype when questions arise concerning the course. Every Module consists of a PDF file with teachings, guidance and information along with audio and/or video format. Everyone has to start with Module 1 as the basis is important no matter how awakened or evolved you are on your spiritual path. Take your time for every Module, there is no pressure. It is best to go through the course with thorough Self work so that there is a good basis for the actual channeling.

I will tune in every time after a Module is done, to see if you have worked enough on yourself though this Module to continue to the next one. So please do not purchase the next Module without letting me know first that you wish to continue to the next one. When you feel that you are ready for the next one and that you have worked thoroughly on your self through the exercises in the Module, let me know and I will tune in to feel if this is the case. The masters of Light will assist me in this. If I feel that you are not ready yet, it means you will need to work deeper and stronger on this module or that you need more time. I follow this up closely because I find it VERY important to start from and continue further from an as pure as possible basis. This service as a follow up + guidance is always included in the price of every Module as well as the questions concerning the course.

This Course is also devided in Modules to give you the time to absorb and to get through your self work on your Divine Pace, also is it affordable this way and easier to cope with.  This course will always stay available so there is no time limitation nor pressure to complete this, it is important that you take your time to make this profound connection with the Self.  This will be thorough and DEEP self work to find all that still resides in you from past lives and this life to be able and start with a clean sheet so to speak.  You could always try to channel and connect straight away without self work, but where might it lead you then if you aren't even aware of your own dark aspects and old patterns as you attract what you are and what resides in you even if you are not aware of those patterns? Channeling can become quite dangerous then.  This is why I have created the channeling course in such a way that we meet and face these patterns and work on those to release.

Module 1 : AVAILABLE! In English and in Dutch / Nederlands!
This Module consists of 23 to 24 pages PDF file + audio guidance and meditation of approx. 46 minutes. We start with explaining what Channeling is, the basis for channeling and the first step of Self-acceptance. Included: guidance, assistance through e-mail and or skype + tuning in at the end of the Module if you are ready to continue the next Module. The exchange price for this Module is 25 euros (introduction price).
You can purchase this at my webshop here

NDL: Deze Module bestaat uit 23 tot 24 pagina's in een PDF formaat + audio begeleiding en een meditatie van ongeveer 46 minuten. We beginnen met uit te leggen wat channelen is, een woordje over de basis van channelen en dan beginnen we met de eerste stap van vele stappen doorheen de cursus: Zelfaanvaarding. Inbegrepen: begeleiding, bijstand via e-mail en/of skype + het intunen op het einde van de Module om te zien of je voldoende hebt gewerkt aan jezelf en aan deze Module om verder te gaan met de volgende Module, dus de volgende Module nog niet aankopen zonder eerst contact op te nemen met mij. De prijs voor deze Module is 25 euro (introductie prijs).  
Je kan deze bestellen op mijn webshop hier

Module 2AVAILABLE in English and Dutch / Nederlands
This Module will be about Self-Love, trust and the process of purification and letting go. Archangel Zadkiel will accompany us during this process. This Module is a lot more of Self work on a deep way with a larger content and more pages of PDF file(46 pages)  + 5 audio's. Because this Module will be so profound with much to absorb and to work with, the Module will be devided in two parts to not overwhelm you.  

Part one: we will be working around Self Love ~ Exercises and audio meditation ~ Exercise on how to visualize ~ We will be working on Self trust ~ Audio light language transmission.

Part two: (Note : this part will be send to you later on in august as the audio's are not available yet) We will be working profoundly on letting Go with Archangel Zadkiel who will assist us with exercises in PDF format and audio meditation / visualization.  This goes so profound we are doing more steps and exercises in this one theme ~ around 10 smaller exercises and special focus.  

Profound work on purification:
Introduction of the 7 bodies and their function / meaning, cleasing the lower bodies ~ audio
Introduction of the chakras and their function / meaning, cleansing the chakras ~ audio
The exchange price for  Module 2 will be 44 euros.

Deze Module gaat over Eigenliefde, vertrouwen en het proces van zuivering + los laten. Aartsengel Zadkiël zal ons bijstaan in dit proces van los laten. Deze Module is veel meer en dieper zelf werk met een groter bestand aan bladzijden in DPF formaat + 5 audio's.  Omdat deze Module zo diep gaat in zelf werk, heb ik deze ingedeeld in 2 delen om niet weggeblazen te zijn door de diepte en door het vele werk.  We maken het draagzamer en aangenamer om te werken en maken er dus 2 delen van in 1 Module.

Deel 1: We gaan werken rond eigenliefde ~ oefeningen + audio meditatie
Oefening om te leren visualizeren.
We gaan werken aan zelfvertrouwen ~ audio transmissie van lichttaal.
PDF informatie en begeleiding inbegrepen.  

Deel 2:(Nota: Dit deel wordt later opgestuurd eind augustus omdat de audio nog niet beschikbaar is van dit deel) We gaan heel diep werken aan het los laten samen met Aartsengel Zadkiël ~ audio meditatie + PDF.  Dit thema bevat heel veel extra en kleinere oefeningen (ongeveer 10) in dit één grote oefening en thema, daarom dat we ook erg grondig en diep te werk gaan + een speciale focus.

We gaan dieper werken op zuiveren van de lichamen en de chakra's waar je ook een introductie en uitleg krijgt over de lichamen en de chakra's. Deze oefeningen staan in de PDF en zullen uitgevoerd worden met de audio begeleiding. (2 audio's in totaal voor zuiveren)  De prijs voor Module 2 is 44 euro.

Love, Méline Portia Lafont

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