Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Finding Eternal Life

Our life is filled with distractions, things that we want and things that we don’t want. These things look so important that we forget about everything until we can have them. This is the source of all pain. Even when we finally get them, we are happy for a moment and then want something else.
In the Upanishads it says, “Neti Neti!” which means “neither this nor that.” We cannot find happiness here nor there. Everything that we think will make us happy creates frustration until we have it, and then disappoints us once we get it. How tragic, but how true!
In many of the posts for this blog we have suggested that happiness is never found on the outside. True happiness is only found on the inside. But we still want to find our hero, that thing that once we have it will bring us happiness. Neti Neti! Not this, not that.

Well should I just give up? This kind of thinking can make us very negative about our life. It is really the opposite of what we think. We should never give up! Turn your attention to finding your self!
Everything in this universe appears and then in a moment or after many years will disappear. Nothing lasts forever. Oh my god! Now that is really depressing! But its not! There is another solution. Turn your attention inwards and find that one thing that never changes.
Have you ever had the thought that now I am older but I still feel the same as I did when I was younger? The person looking through these eyes, never changes. The body gets older, but the person looking through the body never ages. Do you realize what this means?
Your consciousness is eternal. It never ages and never dies. Even when the body dies, the consciousness continues. This is the truth. Some day you will discover that this is true. There is no death, only an end to this life dream and the beginning of another life dream.
Just like when we sleep, we experience one dream after another all night. When one dream ends, there is a short rest until another dream begins. Dreams show us that our consciousness never dies. It merely changes form.
Consciousness is like our television, movies come and movies go. We turn off our television today and turn it on tomorrow.
When your mind thinks about this. Let it go. When your attention goes to that, let it go. It is a process of elimination!
Look at it this way. If you can grab hold of it, you will eventually lose it. So learn how to enjoy without attachment. Enjoy today and then let it go. Keep letting it go until everything is gone. Then you will discover something essential that you could never find before. When everything else is gone, you will still be there. You are still conscious! When everything is gone, this is Ku. What remains is your own consciousness without any other distractions or interferences.
The process of elimination is not negative! It teaches us to enjoy but learn how to let go. Really you can enjoy everything! Just don’t get so attached to it that you worry about loss. The real thing that will bring you everlasting happiness is inside of you not outside. This happiness you will never lose. Remember: things may come, things may go, but our consciousness goes on forever. Find your eternal consciousness and you will be happy for the rest of your life!
Our consciousness exists without the movie and in fact is the source of the movie. We find this treasure and we find eternal happiness. Not here, not there. Inside of us forever!

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