Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Change your Perspective and You Will Change your Life

I have said many times in my blog that karma is your teacher. But I still hear many people say that they have a lot of karma. Saying it like this sounds like karma is a bad thing, something that is a burden we don’t want.
Let’s change our perspective. How about this: instead of saying I have a lot of karma, let’s say I have a lot of teachers!
Doesn’t that feel better? Karma is not something that brings us misfortune. Karma is a teacher that comes to help us to learn something important. Our teacher wants to help us, not punish us!
From another perspective when we go to a healer, they will tell us that what is happening to us is due to karma. This implies that it is a big problem that we have change. This perspective sounds too negative. Just thinking in this way makes us feel hopeless.

We have karma every day. It is not unusual to have karma. Do you realize that there is good karma too? All karma helps us to grow out of an old situation into a new one.
We all inherit certain habits from our ancestors. These habits surround our consciousness like an eggshell surrounds a chicken. The chicken has to crack open the shell in order to set itself free and start a new life. We are born into an eggshell of habits that we have to learn to break out of and find our true nature.
All habits are blind. We do them without thinking about them. We react so quickly out of habit that we can’t see what we are doing. This is karma.
When karma comes and we act out of habit, we are blind. That is why they say that karma makes us blind. When we have karma, we can’t see the truth. Instead of turning away from our karma and going blind, let’s look at our karma as a teacher and ask it to help us.
Karma teaches us to pay attention, to live our life more mindfully. Karma good or bad can be a great teacher, a motivation to change the way we do things. Karma is not here to punish us and make us feel guilty. Karma is a great teacher that is here to help us evolve into a new life.
Change your perspective about karma. Every time you want to say the word karma, change your vocabulary to say the word teacher. If you do this, your psychology will change from hopelessness into hope.
To be human is to have hope that we can evolve out of the old habits into a new life of freedom and joy. Changing our perspective that we are surrounded by teachers who want to help us is so much more encouraging than thinking we are surrounded by karma. Try it! Maybe you will like it!

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