Sunday, August 17, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Full release of the pain “blueprint”
For many of you the last couple of linear days may have felt unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is to be noted and remembered that the New Earth is exactly this, NEW, and that ways of experiencing what is termed the “human life experience” is evolving and shifting and expanding.  The old 3D earth created construct into which you were born was based on the BLUEPRINT OF PAIN, with abandonment, betrayal and grief the “programmes” that ran on the operating system that is the blueprint of pain.
When you experience life on this planet within the old 3d earth created construct you reach out for reference points unconsciously and sub consciously. These reference points sit at a human conscious waking mind level and were available for all. They were the frequencies of abandonment, betrayal and grief.   So to give you an example to explain this further you will automatically reach out and find a reference for your human life experience when you interact with those around you. This helps put them into a context, the human logical mind then matches up the experience with the reference point.  So take the scenario of a loved one leaving you, you will unconsciously search “why” in your human logical mind and the mind will find the reference point “love is sacrifice, love is pain”.  This will then provide a context and you will then go on to accept this as this is what is being TAUGHT.   Note in the example I am explaining what the human logical mind does, NOT what the heart knows for it is the human logical mind which is triggered over and over within the old 3d earth created construct.

These reference points were CREATED for the human race, they were part of the created construct which was the old 3d earth reality. Just because you have always used them at a human logical mind level does not mean they are TRUTH, indeed as they are not TRUTH and are not supported in the New Earth frequency realities hence they have dissolved.
What this means at a human conscious waking mind level is that when you have an experience there is nothing to reference it to, no context that the human logical mind can accept and so you may experience a sense of “loss” a sense of “bewilderment” and you may experience deep confusion and chaos. No longer able to just reference but now having to EXPERIENCE and this is the difference. You are here after all to have a human life EXPERIENCE and not just reference emotions into categories and accept them.
The blueprint of pain has now been released from human consciousness and is no longer accessible. Much like walking for miles with a stone in your shoe and then taking the stone out, the human race has become used to the pain blueprint.  Human language evolving to confirm at all moments within the old 3d earth construct that LOVE=PAIN.  This is not TRUTH and is no supported on any level.
So why are so many of you in tears and in grief?  to release the stored and referenced emotions that the old 3d earth construct taught you to FILE away and therefore not experience. Many of you at this time may be attempting to reference pain as what you are going through and finding that you cannot thus experiencing more confusion and chaos.  The blue print for the New Earth higher frequency realities is the LOVE that IS. This frequency is now triggering all the grief and pain that you have been taught to store deep within your BEing and as this moves and begins to flow you will begin to anchor the LOVE that IS to cellular level.  However until you release the grief and pain the LOVE that IS cannot be anchored and so I would encourage you to allow the release.
The tears may make no sense to you at a logical human mind level but this is no longer the human life experience, emotions defy logic and this must be accepted and anchored, you are not a computer, you are a living, breathing BEing that has been taught to store emotion and this must be rebalanced. As a living, breathing BEing you are asked to allow the emotions to FLOW and not store them. The two scenarios (that of flow and storing) two separate frequencies and completely different experiences.
You may be attempting to convince yourself that you have gone mad and that you must pull yourself together and just “get on” with life and this will work against you. The release, the HEALING of the blueprint of pain is achieved through allowing FLOW of emotion. You will find that as you release the tears will clear and you will feel lighter. The tears will be short and frequent at times, there is no requirement to immerse yourself in the experience all over again, you are asked to allow FLOW, to allow the emotion to enter your heart space and to be experienced and HEALED with the LOVE that IS.  How long this period lasts within you is guided by your SOUL, many of you have stored lifetime after lifetime and have never fully allowed yourself to EXPERIENCE.  Be guided at all moments by how you feel. Give yourself permission to sit down and FEEL, to let go fully of trying to make those around you feel better for that is part of the pain blueprint.
The human life experience is personal and unique, you cannot clear another’s grief FOR them, this was taught as part of the pain blueprint in order to further trigger and further embed the frequency that you were taught was the blueprint. LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE.  Healing from within must take place before you can reach out to those around you, the reaching out done by radiating the LOVE that IS through the heart space, around, through and within you. SACRIFICE is no longer a requirement to live upon this planet and will be dissolved by the LOVE that IS each time it appears.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.  The human race now move into a way of living that has never before been experienced, much like a child moving from crawling to walking you are asked to be gentle with self and to allow yourself to find your feet, for soon you will be running then flying.

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