Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Why is Meditation Good?

Meditation helps us to let go. Without meditation our thoughts build up, our emotions build up and we become a concentrated wave of energy that can’t be controlled. Then our ego either takes over or we give up. We say things and do things that we later regret.
Meditation helps us to let go of that concentrated wave of energy and drop into the deep ocean of silence. Meditation helps us to release the built up energy and just relax. Once we can relax our mind is open to new possibilities. Now we can change our life and do something new.
Without meditation we get tired and frustrated. If we could just sit down and close our eyes, we would feel better.

No matter how strong your mind is and no matter how much energy you have, you can’t go on forever. You will eventually collapse into sleep or fall down in agony. All activity must eventually stop and rest. Real meditation gives us a very deep rest and a more alert state of mind in a very short time. When we rest we rejuvenate our energy and prepare our self for a new challenge.
When we meditate we let go of all our personal drives and open our mind to more possibilities. At the same time we get a moment of deep rest and feel renewed. It doesn’t take long. Even twenty minutes is enough to renew our energy for four or five more hours.
Maybe you think that meditation is a waste of time. After all when we meditate, we are doing nothing. But real meditation is more than just closing the eyes and doing nothing.
Real meditation teaches us how to drop out of the concentrated wave of thoughts and emotions and dive deep into the ocean of peace inside of us. The wave gets its energy and power from the ocean. Real meditation is like going to the bank! We dive inside our consciousness to retrieve our power and gather more intelligence so we can be more successful. Meditation is not a waste of time. It is a process of renewing our power so we can go farther than is normally possible.
Meditation is not our goal. It is only a tool to help us in our daily life. We don’t go to the bank to stay in the bank! We go to the bank to draw out more money so we can spend it.
Doing meditation every day will help us to find more energy and discover more abilities than we ever thought we had. Meditation is a great tool to help you recharge and gather the necessary abilities for accomplishing more in your life. We never meditate to perfect our meditation. We meditate to perfect our life!

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