Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Universe Bank: A Message from Merlin

Well Blessings and Greetings to you my friends!
You all have so many things that you want to do in this life! The sheer volume of all your desires impresses me. You want to have it all! That’s great! But it does present a lot of pressure on your life doesn’t it?
What to do? How can you have everything that you want? This is a big question isn’t it?
Well, thank god that you have two lives! One life that is here. This is the life you know every day. It is what you do and what you cannot do. So much to learn and so many mistakes that make you stumble and fall. But this is not the only life you have.
You have another life beyond this world. Maybe you can call this the life of your soul. This is your real life and it goes on forever! The soul chooses each physical life and prepares for the part in detail. You decide before you come into a new body everything that you will do, everything that you want to learn, and everything that will challenge you and give you a headache!

Yes! My friends you choose your headaches too! All of this is chosen before you were born. It is part of the program you have created for your soul to learn and move up the ladder of evolution. Nobody forced you to choose these headaches! It was entirely up to you!
I think you know all about this, but I still hear you complain! Why, Merlin, do I have so many headaches? It seems that I have more headaches than my friends!
Ridiculous! No has more karma than someone else. Each semester you can only take a certain number of courses. No more. No less. What courses you take is your choice. Some of you were over confident and chose a number of difficult courses. I told you that it would be difficult, but you were convinced you could do it. Now you are here and have found out that your choices were more difficult than you thought!
You have forgotten what you promised. I think you have also forgotten about the Universe Bank.
Every time you do something good, you earn merit. This merit is stored in the Universe Bank. Every soul has an account in the Universe Bank! When you have good luck, it is because you withdrew some of your good merit.
Does this mean that now your savings account is less than it was before? Yes, that is exactly what it means. So choose your withdrawals carefully!
Will this account one day be empty? Yes, if you are not careful that can happen. But most of you are not that wreck less! You are careful what you do with your life and try to do your best every day.
Now once again my friends I must remind you that this is your savings account. When you withdraw you must refill! How do I do that Merlin?
Be happy and enjoy. Do good for good’s sake. No expectation. Don’t do something because you want something in return. Do it because you feel good doing it. If you feel good, your savings account will be refilled! But if you do good and are not happy, nothing goes into your savings account. If you do good without expecting anything in return, your savings will grow and be there for that time in your life when you need it.
Happiness is always generous. You must be generous with your happiness and generous with your love. Every time you make someone happy, you gain merit. Every time you give love to someone, you gain merit. One day when you need it the most, all that stored up happiness and love will come back to you.
This is the way of life. The savings you have in the Universe Bank is the key to a happy and successful life. Start to rebuild your savings today! Do good and be happy in everything you do. Face your challenges with a smile. If you forget, I will try my best to remind you! After all you are my friends and I want to see you happy and successful every day. Bless you my friends, and good day to you!

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