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Mastering Receiving ~ Key Preparation for 2014 - Selacia

December 23, 2013  Selacia

Gold key

The year 2014 will come with opportunities for shifting your life in a
grand way – do you feel prepared to receive your good?

How you relate to the world will be a key factor in what you
experience during 2014. This can mean many things, of course, but for
the purposes of this article, the focus is receiving.

How You Receive Influences Your Experience

The way you receive from the world will influence your experience and
how you feel about your life. This is nothing new, of course. However,
next year as the pace of evolutionary change quickens, you will need
new levels of mastery involving receiving.

What’s receiving? It’s accepting or taking what is offered – by
another person, group, entity, the world in general, or even spirit.
What you receive can involve things like information, validation or
praise, a physical object, a reward or financial compensation, or
something you consider a blessing.

Mastery of receiving is rooted in self-love and a learned ability to
consciously and appropriately receive what the world offers you. This
involves being present, aware, and skilled with observation –
discerning what is appropriate and precisely when to receive it. It
means asking questions about what you are receiving, too, to gain
clarity and understanding of how to respond.

As you become experienced with receiving, you intuitively recognize
what is being offered and you know when something is in your highest
good. You trust in divine timing, too, allowing that to guide your
receiving. This means that you don’t try to get ahead of yourself,
pushing for things before they are appropriate.

The DNA of Deserving and Receiving

You will be less likely to get impatient with timing issues if you
believe that you deserve the good that can come to you. You cannot
will this feeling, of course. The conditioning of most people, in
fact, is to doubt whether they deserve to receive as much as the next
person. This tends to be generational – meaning that your ancestors
had the same conditioning and you inherited it in your DNA.

If you sense that your receiving ability could use a tune up,
DNA-level patterns or beliefs are likely surfacing. How the energy
works is that dysfunctional DNA beliefs get catalyzed by key life
events and significant personal goals. In this case, the beliefs could
relate to what you think you deserve or how you feel the world treats
you. They get triggered when you are about to take another big leap
forward or change something significant about your circumstances.

In reality, life is abundant and there is enough of everything to go
around. You don’t have to stand single-file to wait your turn, and you
aren’t gambling. Receiving is not about luck. It’s about being in a
flow with life, trusting that flow, and observing the flow as it comes

You Must Trust You Deserve

For mastery, you must trust that you deserve to receive fully from the
bounty of what is available to you.

In fact, if you doubt that you deserve something, your own self-doubt
can block your awareness of gifts right outside your door! This
circumvents your flow of incoming goodness, your mind being tricked to
think that you cannot have what you want.

As part of that, something good indeed could show up, but your doubt
could obscure your understanding. Example: you ask for help with
something, then the next day a helpful person calls or you awaken from
a dream with insights from spirit. Unable to connect the dots, you may
be convinced that you received nothing.

24/7 Sending and Receiving

Think of yourself like a 24/7 sending and receiving station,
broadcasting to and from the world. Even when you are sleeping, you
are sending energetic impulses reflecting your thoughts, feelings, and
desires. You are receiving during sleep, too, through dreams and by
connecting with spirit.

Remember: spirit knows you intimately. Your higher self knows your
question before you even ask. The mere asking of your question sets in
motion an energetic exchange between you and spirit. This includes the
physical world, of course, as spirit has unlimited means of
communicating with you.

With wisdom, you will realize that the world is sending you an endless
flow of beneficial energies, things, people, and opportunities. Some
may be disguised as troublesome manipulators – like the boss who
hovers over you, critical and trying to control your every move. Even
that boss, however, bears a gift – stirring your desire to be more

End the year with a higher frequency by examining and updating your
relationship with the world. You can do this through purposeful,
conscious reflection of how you interact with people and the larger
world. Invite spirit to reveal your blocks to receiving fully – ask to
be shown how you can better master the art of receiving. Trust that in
the asking, spirit begins to work with you, helping you to unravel old
dysfunctional patterns and to embody the higher octaves of love.

Copyright 2013 by Selacia or at Earths Pivotal Years

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