Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Communicating with our Heart

December 5 & 6, Tokyo
Communicating with our Heart
They say that our heart is the home of the soul. I would say more than that it is the home of the Divine in us, also known as our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is one with the universe. It is infinite just like the universe and holds all the gifts and abilities of the universe. These abilities are all there inside but sleeping until we learn how to activate them. In this workshop we will learn how to activate this potential and practice how to develop and express these rare gifts in our daily life.

Previously we announced the schedule of the workshop and outlined what we would do each day. But the universe is changing and there is more energy pouring into the earth than ever before. While I was in America I saw so many people are aware of this energy coming in and although each teacher described it differently, they were all talking about the same thing:
This is the year when the universal energy is waking up in human consciousness and changing all of our lives. Most people are not aware of this energy even though it is happening to everyone.
We cannot give you a schedule for this workshop, but we can outline the tools we will use to activate your consciousness and bring you to a higher level. The energy is already there. It just requires that we experience it more directly and then relax and let it come through us.
Throughout the workshop I will channel the Masters to stimulate our consciousness and lift the energy in the room. The Masters will also give us guidance about what to do to take us to the next level.
I will also teach you how to channel from the universe inside your heart and work with your abilities to bring in more clarity and wisdom. This is the same process that I have taught before but with a new twist. We will use our channeling mantra to open our ability to directly perceive the higher realms of energy and light. We will focus on more direct perception rather than just blindly bringing through messages.
Throughout the workshop I will also be using the Crystal Bowls to harmonize and balance both the lower chakras and the higher chakras. As the energy wakes up, I will guide you on a Shamanic Journey through the loving and beautiful inner realms of the universe inside of you. I will give this guidance while playing specific tones with the bowls so the process is easier and more direct. Everything is inside of you. The universe in you is moving already. The tones of the bowls will stir every cell in your body to feel this movement of the universe waking up inside of you.
Times have changed and so have we. I hope to attract people who want to experience this new energy and bring it into their life to help our world to be a more enjoyable and exciting place to live in. Let’s do this together as we unite our hearts and open to the Divine in us.

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