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Kara Schallock ~ A Whole New Place of Being - 13-Oct-2015


Certainly we have been through a very major period of downloads. If you’re like me, you have experienced this in very visceral ways from old beliefs coming up, including sleeplessness, body pain and old misconceptions of yourself that are not Love. It has all been for Love. As Hearts have opened more, it is difficult to be around others who are still stuck in their intellects as well as other closed-hearted ones. You see, we connect through our Hearts; through feeling. You might wonder erroneously what is wrong with you when you simply can’t connect with these folks. Being of the Heart makes you more empathic, knowing others in ways they simply can’t see themselves. It could be confusing, as many of these folks speak of the New Life, and yet if you look/feel closer, you see they are not who they pretend to be. Follow your own feelings, rather than allow yourself to doubt your own Heart-knowing. Honor your perceptions and in this way, you anchor the high dimensional energies flowing into you. With this Heart upgrade, you may go through yet another let-go of others.

If you cannot find a Heart connection with others, let it be what it is and find that Heart connection within yourself. If old tapes come up like not being good enough or being wrong, let them go and know you are simply feeling another truly. Release any unworthiness and lack as it comes up and connect where you truly resonate. Let go of self-doubt too; these are all old programs that simply cannot co-exist with the expansion of Love that you are. If you feel rejected, this is also to be released; it’s based on old beliefs and programming that you are not enough. You are not rejected; you are merely seeing that you no longer resonate with certain others. Honor yourself at all times.

We continue to purify ourselves and we do this by making choices that allow us to be more Love. When we are confused by another’s words or actions, it is a message that something doesn’t resonate and then we have the opportunity to choose a path; to stay or to leave. Do we honor ourselves and let these others go or do we adjust ourselves to please and thus keep them in our lives? Always choose self-Love, self-Respect and self-Honor. When one is truly awake, they are aware of not only themselves, but what is within others. There are no secrets. There is no hiding or pretending to be something you’re not. Love is open, clear and transparent. If you get your buttons pushed, take a moment to see if it is something within you or is a projection by another. Don’t become defensive, for that is ego-protection of something that wants release. We need not seek Heart connections; we attract them by being authentically ourselves. This aligns us with Love and it is that vibration that attracts like to us. Pay attention to when your energy soars and when it is depleted, for this will give you a clue as to where you belong or don’t belong. Always take Responsibility if something is yours, for we are moving from the old traits of blame, projection, suppression and victimization. Such a gift this is, for nothing can hide from us, especially if it is something that is within us. Just remember that if it is yours, you will feel a reaction; if it is a projection from outside of you, you will not feel the need to react or even respond. Although you may choose to respond; as always it is a choice.

Know too that by allowing others to tell you who you are or what to do is not self-Love. Therefore, it is self-Love to have boundaries when you feel it is necessary and not blindly accept another’s judgment or belief about you. If you’ve always been willing to listen and accept another’s opinion of you, there will be a shift to not accepting another’s words just because they say it (this is giving your Power away), but an honoring of who you are and who you are becoming. Love doesn’t mean you have to accept as truth what another projects onto you; Love is honoring yourself and your own knowing. You needn’t convince anyone of who you are, for your vibration will do all the work. There may be some who simply drift away without you having to do anything. Be in Allowance of what is. Let it be, for as you stand in your own truth, those who do not resonate with you will leave. All it takes is for you to be yourself without the need to fix or change anything. Just be you and all is arranged by Divine Order. Honor however you feel in each and every moment.

As we become more and more multidimensional, everything is fluid. There are no set rules or shoulds or supposed to’s; all is in flux. As you stay in the moment, you will feel what resonates and what doesn’t. We are releasing much density; not only in our beliefs (mental), our emotions, but also in our physicality. This results in lots of shifting in our bodies. When a density leaves, it may create some pain and we may experience certain aches; be they physical or emotional. In time, Balance and equilibrium return as we adjust to the changes. What is so very important is to stay present and rather than attach or judge something as “wrong,” be the observer, for certainly things will shift.

As we receive this high potent energy, know you may use it to change anything in your life or create a new project or create a new you. Do be patient, for it takes being in the moment and taking one step at a time. We still live in a 3D reality, even though each of us is vibrating in higher dimensions. When we honor ourselves, we bring our high dimensional energies onto Earth, so that She, in time, transforms into a higher dimension. When this occurs, you notice that things manifest rather quickly. Certainly it is occurring for many already. You see, nothing is set in stone or is all one way or another nor does anything happen on a particular timetable. Do not be in self-judgment about this, for each of us is exactly where we’re meant to be for our highest learning and evolution. Being multidimensional means that we experience more than one thing at a time.

Be present with whatever is up for you. Intend for the highest evolution for yourself. The energy we have been receiving is very transformative and full of the high dimensional Source codes so that we may live at a higher level of Love. As you are present with “what is,” you flow with the energies, rather than against them. Surrender to where the Flow takes you, rather than asserting your ego-will upon the direction you think you want. In this way, you honor your Soul’s Wisdom and don’t fall back into the fear of moving forward.

While we continue to receive high dimensional Light and new codes, we also continue to let go of all that is not Love. Stay focused on who you are becoming, even while this may feel like it is taking a very long time. Trust that all that is occurring is for your evolution into being nothing but Love. Anything less than that is pure illusion based on old beliefs. We are in a whole new growth cycle and at the beginning of New Earth; do not be fooled by what outer life tells you, but focus on Truth. We are in endings and new beginnings. The endings are about releasing duality and old beliefs and misconceptions of old life. There is a completion of old life with the ending of relationships that no longer fit who we are and the beginning of new ones, based on Love and Trust. The old relationships based on the lack of trust and expectations are done with. Any relationship begun with old preconceived ideas simply cannot endure. This is true for any kind of relationship; be it friendship, romantic, familial or any kind of attachment. If you do not fully resonate at the Heart, the relationship cannot be sustained without the lowering of your own vibration in order to “make it work.” We simply cannot make ourselves fit into a box; for any box is old and can’t contain the largeness of who we are now.

We continue to recalibrate ourselves and adjust to New Life. Keep your focus on what you want to create without the distractions of a world in the throes of Transformation. As you do, you will be guided by Soul, so surrender to where you are led to be with Courage and Confidence. Slowly we are building our New Lives and New Earth. Realize that you are brand new; a baby ready to explore this new life uninhibited and with full support, guided by Love.

Note: I will be out of the country beginning on October 16th, so the next Ascension Note will most likely be delayed.

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  1. Do have a beautiful trip next week. I still have work to do.
    This is true for any kind of relationship; be it friendship, romantic, familial or any kind of attachment. If you do not fully resonate at the Heart, the relationship cannot be sustained without the lowering of your own vibration in order to “make it work.” We simply cannot make ourselves fit into a box; for any box is old and can’t contain the largeness of who we are now." So True!!!!!