Friday, December 26, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Embracing change as the “known” dissolves in TRUTH

karen doonan

We now sit in on the very cusp of a new existence. Many around us are blind to that which now unfolds through us, around us and within us. The drive for “same” and the need for repetitive patterns now gives way to expansion. Many of us are no longer hooked in nor triggered by these patterns that once sought to embed us in a reality that was highly distorted.
The challenge is always to find that place of calm deep within when our human eyes cannot physically see the changes that we both know and FEEL are taking place. So it is at this moment with many within the human race preparing for the massive shift in the outer waking reality that is now unfolding. I receive many emails from all over the world from people who are feeling this shift and are looking for some sort of confirmation.

As we now move further into these expansive energies it will become easier to find the space of peace and easier to have faith in the process itself for it is a process. The difference between this process and the old 3D earth rituals are that the process is natural and therefore has its own fuel and magnitude, it is fuelled by the LOVE that IS. Again our challenge is to allow this natural unfolding and not resort to the tools that the old 3D earth taught us. We do not need to continually go over and over and check progress as a natural process unfolds. This pulls us back down in vibration and distorts the natural flow of energy. We would not plant a seed and then keep digging it up to see how it was growing and yet many are attempting this. Fuelled by the old 3D earth created reality teaching that we must be on alert and protect our creations at all moments. This is not TRUTH and is not supported.
Remember a miracle is simply an outcome that the human logical brain has dismissed due to it deciding there is no evidence. Many of you are waiting patiently for a miracle and it may be delivered in ways that floor you.
The New Earth does not appear out of a mist, it unfolds in tune and harmony with the wider universe and within the NATURAL laws of said universe. This is contrary to the old 3D earth created construct that broke the natural laws of the universe by its very creation.
In this our human form we may get frustrated and anxious when our human eyes do not help us but our heart never lies, it cannot for it is our connection to SOURCE. The outer waking reality at this moment may appear to look like “usual” but it is anything but and many can feel this building.
At this moment we are asked to sit within our heart space and listen for the universe is whispering to all who can hear. Change is on its way and the changes will bring the human race out of their containment and fully into expansion in TRUTH. As “routine” gives way to the “unknown” we are asked to embrace this change for it is a natural law of the universe. We have just been taught to fear it so that we resist it. In TRUTH all who have taken human form seek change for it is their natural state of being. We are now asked to align fully with this natural state of being and let go fully of the need to be in control. For control is an illusion, miracles exist beyond the point of control and this TRUTH will now be revealed to all in this their human form. The LIGHT of TRUTH now shines brightly across the planet, Illuminating the darkest places so that LIGHT can anchor in all places. Do not mistake the illumination of said darkness to be other than it is. Only LIGHT can dissolve dark and this LIGHT is the LIGHT of SOURCE.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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