Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Releasing Your Stress and Feeling Happy

When stress builds up, remember it is only a build up of energy. Let the energy out and you will feel better. Most illnesses, both physical and emotional, are caused by a build up of friction in our body and soul. Friction is created when the energy is in conflict within us. If you can let the energy out, the friction will be reduced.
There are two ways we can let out this energy and reduce our stress. First, make sure you are getting enough rest, either through sleep or meditation or both. Second, give your self permission to be emotional. Emotions are natural. Everyone has emotions. When we feel that it is ok to be emotional, the emotions will go out naturally and we will feel better. Scream into a pillow or allow your self to cry. Any release of emotions will help you to clear the stress from your body and soul.

Yesterday was the last day in Nagoya. Everyday we worked hard for long periods of time. By the last day both Yuka and myself were feeling tired from the build up of energy. As soon as my last client left, I moved my energy and let out my emotions. It only took ten minutes to get it all out. As soon as i was finished, my energy was back and i was ready to have dinner with my friends and have a great time celebrating. Nagoya was wonderful and i was ready to say thank you for all the hard work my friends put into this tour. It was great! We all had a wonderful time! Once again we say thank you to everyone for your support and your love. Bless you everyone!

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