Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Completing the Energy of this Past Year

If we want to have a fresh start for the New Year, we must first finish all of energy from this past year! Oh my god! What am I going to do? I only have one more day to finish all of it! How can I do this? The answer is very simple and very familiar to all of you who have been reading my blog: do an offering to Mother Earth!
We have learned that doing an offering to Mother Earth can clear our karma. She is always available to help us clear karma. So…we can do the same offering to complete the energy of all our projects from last year.

Offer Mother Earth five sticks of incense with one candle and place it in the ground. Write your name on the candle and write the year 2014 instead of your birthdate. When the candle burns down completely, the energy from all of your projects will be placed in the loving hands of Mother Earth and she will close the energy of each project for you. This way when you start the project again in 2015, you will have a fresh new start.
As always, you must have a clear intention of what you want her to do. Put your whole feeling into this offering. Feel in your heart that you are done with this work from 2014 and give whatever remains to be done in her hands. Turn it over to her completely and let go. She will handle it for you and clear any remaining energy as well as any karma that has been resisting your efforts to finish each project. Feel happy when the candle has burned down and say thank you Mother Earth for helping me.

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