Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saint Germain ~ Be cautious and peaceful my beloveds, for you are entering a most exciting time amidst a climax of changes ~ channeled by Méline Lafont

Received by Méline Lafont on March 12, 2013

Greetings to all of you, beloved hearts. Let’s talk today about the coming spring equinox and the upcoming summer months that are just around the corner. We in the higher Lightworld do not work with the notion of time or with timelines as you do, we just stick to the feeling of the NOW moment as well as to Earthly events to determine in what phase of Ascension you have arrived. We don’t use clocks nor dates to know how far we have evolved and we are aware when the time for us has come for the next wave of renewal, as everything really lingers in the Now moment. Hence this precursor, this explanation to once again duly clarify for you that nothing is time-based and that everything just is!

Once more we have arrived at a pivotal point in your timeframe which will enable countless transformations, shifts, renewals and Ascensions to unfold in your Earthly reality. The current reality, in which our Beloved Earth dwells, has in the meantime shifted already into the first layers of the 5th Dimension, in which specific groups of humanity have acceded, joining Gaia’s new state and Being. Accept this as a fact as it is obvious to see and to know it. But give yourself the opportunity and remain in a state of tranquility to really integrate this process and realize it fully before giving up too soon or criticizing that nothing has changed and everything remains the same, as this is no longer the case, far from it!

Take a closer look around you and observe what has transpired on your world : do you see the same scenes as compared to a few years ago or even some weeks ago? Look closely and compare when necessary with reports or stories from a long while ago. What do you see? What do you feel? Don’t you see that there really is a difference in perception as well as a different heartfeeling? Do you not feel that you have transformed into a new Self who wasn’t that pronounced earlier on or even present altogether? Do you feel the changes occurring in your inner self as well as in your outer reality? Ask yourselves these questions and observe closely within, feel it properly because through inner feelings you will get the answers more swiftly than through your outer reality.

Take a look at the banks and their systems getting into trouble and failing, governments that can no longer make progress with or without each other, the pope who is no longer able to stand his ground, the queen of England who is no longer in control of her assets nor her finances, power structures disappearing, fraudulous schemes being divulged and even engineered events coming to light which have provoked all kinds of drama’s in the past …. and I can continue on for a long time, dear hearts! What I am talking about here has unfolded and happened on your world in less than a month. Isn’t it marvellous what has been accomplished?! Isn’t this more than enough to become aware that much is transpiring thanks in part to your awakenings and your creations? These are fabulous things that are unfolding my beloveds, behold the beauty of it all and become aware from your heart that you all have accomplished this just by working and awakening from the heart.

Nothing is as it used to be and everything will continue evolving and coming to a great climax where even more shall be accomplished, even more will shift, even more will come to light on many levels : not just on the banksystems, on the governments but also on the level of the oceans and of Gaia, furthermore there will be many shifts on a Galactic level. Be cautious and peaceful my beloveds, for you are entering a most exciting time amidst a climax of changes.

Energetically seize the opportunity contained in the spring equinox and the summer solstice and consider this time as an acclimatizing time wherein the adjustments to the new 5th dimensional energies for your physical body become a fact and in which all of you will enter as the renewed and redeemed Self. You will feel more liberated than ever before because it is simply the road that you will now follow, freeing you in the process of all the illusions which were taken for granted for so long. This is a holographic world, my beloved ones, especially created for these kinds of lessons and experiments. You cannot experience duality on a higher level and our thanks go out to dearest Gaia as She has enabled this for the whole of humanity, in which you are incarnated. 

Gaia deserves her rightful place back with us in the higher World and so do you! We all form one big family and soulgroup working together to accomplish this task and who will truly conclude it together. Duality is now in the process of disintegrating and that is a fact! However, do not put a date on it, nor an expectation as there is no time, there is only the Now! More and more people are becoming aware that it is their expectations and their human inclination to see this all change in a day and a night and that is impossible. Everything needs time, everything evolves along certain processes including the Divine … it is that way with everything : a birth is a process, a death is also a process, change and clarifications require time and phases, everything is a continuous process and that’s the reason why I want to amphasize the fact that you must really release all notions of time, no longer living by them!

Live from day to day as if there is no tomorrow and place, do and see everything happening in the now moment in which you find yourself.  Everything that is really going on in your world will be felt more intensely for you are one with us and with your timeless being; a state and a higher dimensional Being. When you release everything than there can be no more feelings of expectation and you are more open for the real that can be felt and shared. There is so much shifting going on, dear people, really a lot which I guarantee because I am actively involved, I am at the helm of the wheel!

I have already accomplished much work and I keep on delivering together with all the Galactic civilizations, the Masters and Archangels as well as the Brethren of the inner Earth. I vouch for that! Besides, many hearts already feel and know it for a fact, so don’t be disappointed that not everything is the way you expected it to be, for this is an expectation and all too often expectations only lead to disappointments. Release the energy and Be, feel and remain pervious : it is so wonderful to be truly free in All That Is without any expectations nor judgments : everything just is, including you! 

Give yourself the right to evolve and to live in this Now moment and take into account  the reality that you already have made it; it is just that this has to be accepted, felt and regarded as such , it has to be truly known. Shifts are now taking place on a high level so to enable you all to evolve further in a more peaceful way. All this not only to Ascend together harmoniously into your new being, together with Mother Earth but also to simultaneaously recognize and know your Galactic Self as well as your family of the Light. This is a lot to take in and it is all taking place and happening inside of yourselves and since your inner world is the place from where everything starts, so will everything be reflected in your outer reality. BUT you have to release how you think this reflection will show up in your reality.

With much Love and friendship I remain definitely with all of you in the NOW and with lots of gratitude and respect, I greet you fully continuing to believe in you all. Be strong and audacious in the NOW and let yourself flow along confidently with these new and powerful energies of the spring equinox and the summer solstice for you will truly be amazed and enlightened. Remain in your own truth at all times and always operate from your heart!

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain

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  2. My pleasure dear Renard and thank you for being here ♥ Much Love precious heart and gratitude for being you! ♥

  3. Time, no time very well explained by beloved Saint Germain!
    Thank you so much dear Méline!