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Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight: Reconnecting with your Galactic Family of Origin and Merging with Fifth Dimensional New Earth

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Channeled by Goldenlight, thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when re-posting this message.
I connected in with my Higher Self, Council of Angels and Pleiadian Council last night and this message came through. This is partially a personal message; I have omitted some of the personal references, but left others for continuity. -Goldenlight

3-10-13 Pleiadian Council: We are glad you have connected in with us as there are some messages we wish to relay to you… You have been coasting along between dimensions in the between times and between area; the old 3d system is collapsing. We are here as your galactic family of origin, Goldenlight, for you came here first from the angelic realm and spent many lifetimes here with us in the higher dimensional realms. At the end of each lifetime you would simply dematerialize; that is why you have always known that you will do that at the end of your current earthen existence, and also why you have never been afraid of death; and so when you transition to the new earth you will be going into a dimension that is much more familiar to you as it will be similar to the higher dimensional realms of the Pleiadian star systems where you spent many millennia growing and thriving and experiencing much joy.

This is one of only a few lifetimes you, Goldenlight, have had on Earth and the others were in ancient higher dimensional cultures of Egypt and Lemuria. Yes you will be returning to a higher dimensional realm that is much more comfortable and familiar to you when you are fully in the new 5d higher dimensional earthen environment. You, Goldenlight, and many others have a pre-birth contract to assist in the awakening of humanity during this great shift to the higher dimensions; many more are waking up now… it becomes like the domino effect as each awakened being triggers others and begins to grow exponentially as a wave of light now washes over your earth and the old collapses.

The shadows are extinguished by the light as this wave of light floods over your new earth which is being born as a higher dimensional creation that those who are beginning to match this higher dimensional frequency are merging into. A process of death, rebirth, and renewal is happening energetically so that the old is being transmuted into the new and the higher dimensional energies combined with the ascending spirit of Gaia and masses of awakened humanity are all creating a coalescence of energies which are birthing and existing in the new higher dimensional frequencies and higher dimensional reality… we say “reality” as a concept to mean a “realm”, as the truth is that all reality is an illusion. Your new earth of abundance prosperity peace harmony everlasting beauty love brotherhood and sisterhood and all beings living in harmony with each other already exists in the NOW moment…

The “new human” lives in harmony with all other emanations of source including most importantly with the newly awakened and ascended Gaia, and with all plants, animals, elements, other beings – inner earth beings and outside of earth beings which includes us in the Pleiades and many from other star systems such as Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda and others. Your planetary system is becoming a “grown up” in the galaxy and entering back into the fold of intergalactic relations. In the Now time of the higher dimensions you of the awakened and newly awakened are existing and joyfully thriving in this new harmonious atmosphere of your newly created higher dimensional reality.

Remember everything is always occurring simultaneously in the higher dimensions, so what you would think of as your “past” “present, and “future” are actually all occurring simultaneously..a difficult concept to grasp from a 3rd dimensional perspective but from our perspective, and soon to be yours, we will tell you that this newly created higher dimensional reality already exists and with the collapsing of timelines occurring in your current reality you will be able to merge into this new Now moment. Advanced concepts for the current human mind to grasp but if you become still within, and feel this with your inner vision, you will see it. For those who wish to be a part of this reality, visualizing it with your feelings and heart (instead of your brain), will assist you with merging into it. What else do i need to know personally at this time?

That we, your Pleiadian family, are proud of you. We know that you became sad that your family of origin on earth has disintegrated and want you to know that we have known you for many lifetimes… indeed we love you very much and want you to know this and this is why it feels ok to separate from your earth family as we are your true family of origin. I would like to meet you… can I meet you or, I guess you would say, have a reunion with you?

Yes, it is time now for that; you are ready.. We will plan a dreamtime meeting first, as that will be easier to start with.. Eventually when the new human begins to foster harmonious relationships with beings from other star systems we will all have open and harmonious relationships and you will be able to freely visit with us in your new earthen home and society.. We can all visit with and harmoniously benefit from our inter-relations together. Others too will begin to reunite with their families of origin from other star systems as all beings on earth originally came from other star systems and volunteered to become a part of the earth experiment. The human race is now quickly shifting, evolving, and transitioning into a new type of human that can withstand and exist in the higher realms.

The old third dimensional earth is no longer. All is transitioning from that now. Taking time each day, as you are now, to rest quietly and go within will help to assist you with the smooth transition to the new higher dimensional reality. Always connect in with your higher self and, for you, Goldenlight, with your Council of Angels but for others it may be with their guides, angels, ascended masters, or other higher dimensional assistance teams. Each person has their own unique guides, masters, and angels who are assisting with this transitional process of all beings on earth. Connect in with your own personal team who you feel comfortable with each day as you set aside some quiet time to go within and tune into this higher frequency that is now settling about you as your new reality. Bring it forth in your minds, hearts, and meditations and begin to feel and enjoy the uplifting energies of this beautiful new paradigm.

Imagine yourself in this beautiful new world, this new loving home; imagine what your life is like there, and enjoy the feeling of basking in the higher energy harmonics existing for you all. You are each an integral and loving part of this new higher dimensional and higher frequency creation. Thank you for allowing us to send this uplifting transmission of energy to you and we send to you our caring energies as you birth this new existence into creation.

Namaste…the spirit in us honors the spirit in you.

Channeled by Goldenlight, thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit at top without alteration when reposting this message.
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