Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wes Annac: Releasing Myself to Spirit


I’ve just been able to hit what I think to be one of the most important and profound epiphanies for my spiritual and emotional growth, but I am still processing it and letting it set in. To provide a bit of backstory on this matter; we have been trying to get out on our own (we’ve Lived with other people for years) and find ourselves limited financially, and are looking at a small house that could be perfect for us, were we to have a way to buy it.
This is not a call for pity, nor am I trying to make my Life seem harder than it is because in reality, we have been blessed with abundance many times in the past and continue to be able to get by because of many factors, one being the Newsletter, that see us able to have an income and survive. Perhaps fully realizing how blessed my family and I have been is also crucial for this epiphany to have a greater impact.

We’ve considered many things; one of which being a donation run on the website which I’m not going to do, because you viewers have assisted us so very much in the past. Especially because of the facets of my work set up for subscribers, I just don’t feel comfortable asking for any more. This is a give and take, and I intend to give much, much more to you all than I ever wish to receive from you.
I’m only mentioning the current “struggle” we are in to provide backstory for why I found myself in the funk that led to this epiphany. We are looking at a couple of different options to be able to buy this house, which is itself quite cheap for a house, but I’ve noticed and tried to fend off the ever-present fears and apprehensions that we just won’t be able to do it.
It’s not as if some of them are unwarranted; the difficult financial situation of us and everyone around us has accounted for little financial assistance in the avenue of buying the house, and we are looking at a scarce few options at present.
That’s not to say that something wonderful won’t open up or the Universe won’t find a way to use one of our scarce options as a conduit to financially assist us with doing this, but the flattened and saddened perspective I found gloomily hanging over me on this day was being driven by the hyped-up fear that this is not going to work out and that the immense manifestation power I’ve poured into it just won’t pay off.
Prior to today, I have been letting little or no negativity in concerning this entire matter. I have kept on with the work I’ve been blessed with being able to do, and kept faith that all would work out accordingly even on the days it has just seemed like a lost cause. I now recognize that I was pushing fears and apprehensions under the surface, under the guise of remaining positive and putting faith in the Universe. My real faith in the Universe was displayed to me today, when I once again allowed my confidence in everything, including my own ability, to take a dive.
I allowed myself to think “if this doesn’t work, I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I will have to wallow in sadness, confusion or despair….” , and I allowed those thoughts and feelings to rule my perspective and drain my confidence, not just in whether we are to get the house, but in my own manifestation abilities.
I fell into the rungs of depression, and one thing I noticed being in this state was that concern for myself was turned up much higher than it usually is or has ever been. I think it’s safe to say that in general, negative or lower states of consciousness breed a service-to-self based mindset. I found myself in much more of a concern over how I felt; how things were happening for me; what would make me happy or sad; all of these types of thoughts poured through and attached themselves to me.
Almost in an instant, I realized that the contents of all of those thoughts were aimed at or meant for an illusory ego me who I was giving all of my power and perspective to. I re-examined the entirety of my existence and my purpose on this world, and paired it with everything I have learned about our true nature as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience, and it became crystal clear why I was receiving so many sixes in the synchronicities I was being given concerning the house. (1)
Concerning this whole matter, I haven’t been worried about my fate as a soul, which I know is to travel back to the blissful realms of our Creator wherein worry or concern are things of the past; I’ve been concerned over my fate as a physical, human being who needs the proper housing every human being deserves. Realizing that, I then see that when that initial distortion was employed, the slew of negative and fear-based thoughts and feelings came flowing right in, as if the door had been kicked open for them. In a sense, it had been and I did not even realize it.
Now, I analyze myself as an ascending soul working to assist in the ascension of Gaia. My primary role is not to worry about or be in concern over whether something physical yet of a strong importance in my Life plays out; my job is to neutrally act as a conduit for the higher realms to come forth via writings, direct channelings, music and other things and to know, and I mean really know, on a deeper and more assured level than I have ever achieved before throughout the entirety of my Earthly existence, that no matter what happens I am always looked after by the Universe physically; if for no other reason, than for the sacred role I and you all are here to fill at this time.
Suddenly, all of my concerns about myself as a physical human being vanished. All of the stressful physicality of the human existence; taxes, buying a house, getting loans, letting fear into oneself because of the difficulty of the physical existence in general; this all faded away when I realized completely that they are all aspects of a fading illusory reality that we are transmuting, as we realize the spiritual nature of our existence.
Seeing and fully understanding my role as a soul from the higher realms who is both traveling back to those realms and holding the doorway open for as many as possible to do so, fears and concerns surrounding my physical existence have no effect upon me. My dip in faith and my allowance of negativity and fear to enter into my perspective and change how I feel about myself and my experience, formed a catalyst for me to find even deeper and incredibly-solidified faith in my Creation abilities and in the fact that I am looked after by Source. You are looked after as well.
Again, this epiphany will settle upon me gradually and its arrival doesn’t quite mean negativity won’t still creep up; it is simply that I’m now better equipped to handle it and in my arsenal, I have the understanding of my Divinity, ability and neutrality.
When you open up to your spiritual nature, the sense of “me” will fade away and will be replaced with a sense of spirit and a sense of the “all”, accompanied with a vanishing of any worries concerning your physical existence. Truly, it’s a liberating feeling and I invite any of you with similar concerns and struggles as me, to feel it.
Wes Annac – Simply Is, and it feels great.
(1)-According to Doreen Virtue, the 6 when given in synchronicities is significant not of the devil or hell, but of an imbalance mentally or emotionally toward the physical experience.
“666 — Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. Like the famous “Sermon on the Mount,” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional needs will automatically be met as a result.”

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  1. Thank you so much Wes for the sharing of your situation.I am facing similar issues right now,and through the conscious process of my soul's clearing,your post today was such an epiphany indeed!Thank you once more for your great and supporting work of value you are providing to all of us.Thank you Meline.Love&Light :)