Sunday, March 24, 2013

Archangel Indriel. “Lost In Transition.” By, Bella Capozzi. March 23, 2013.

285206_515253995184610_483730021_n~ Grieve not for that which is passing away before your very eyes, for as it does so it makes way for all that is new and glorious.  Even though much of what is fading away right now was not necessarily of the highest light, still many of you mourn it’s passing.  And this is quite alright, indeed, it is natural.  You have lived so long amongst these societal norms, these thoughts and ideals, these ways of being and conducting yourselves.  Because you have lived your Earthly lives behind an opaque veil of forgetfulness and mystery, these things are all you think you’ve ever known. Consciously known.  So as they pass away, you feel a bit disoriented and confused.  In your heart of hearts you know that it is for the best, that they disperse.  You know they cannot survive in this bright new world,  nor would you wish them to. For it is a world which is every day becoming more and more vibrant and alive.  And for this you are excited and awash in a state of anticipatory bliss.  “So why, sometimes, do I feel so forlorn”, you wonder to yourselves and to your family of the Upper Realms.  Dear Ones, we hear you.  And thusly, I respond…

~ I am Indriel. Guardian of the Lightbearers, the Wayshowers, the Earth Tenders and the like.  Search deep within the very core of your being and reach high, high above.  There you shall easily find me.  My vibration is sweet and feminine in nature. Topaz-gold and green.  Take my hand in yours and I shall lead you to an understanding and a sense of clarity.  It is my dearest desire to assist you in the successful completion your assignments in this Earthly life; and most especially at this very juncture, when for most of you your missions are switching around and beginning anew.  Allow me to alleviate some of your confusion on this subject.
~ Do not ever feel that it is wrong to be confused by what you see – or do not see – happening in the world around you.  Unless you have finely honed your telepathic abilities to the point where you are able not to be slightly rattled by the unknown, the temptation to want to cling to what youdo know is to be expected.  Simply being here on Earth is an endless litany of unknowns for you – you who are a pure, gracious, gentle being of love.  Why, you are beyond brave to have even come here at all!  And oh, how very much we admire you for it.  However, as such a gentle being you naturally seek comfort and a sense of belonging.  Familiarity breeds peace and contentment, two integral qualities of your Divine nature.  So allow yourselves that momentary twinge of unease, but as you do so, give your fears a thorough examination.  What is it you fear, Child?  That as the old things go, you shall then be left with nothing?  Or do you fear that what takes the place of what you know shall be not nearly as good as what you had before?  Do you fear that the tasks before you are too great, and that you shall not be able to live up to your new mission? Do fear that you shall disappoint yourself and God?
~ Beloveds, don’t you know?  You cannot disappoint God!  You are as one with your Creator, and you are loved unconditionally and without judgement or expectation.  Trust in the Universe to bring forth unto your world only that which is of the highest light and for your greatest good.  You are in the throes of the most positive changes imaginable.  You feel lost in transition, but there are no wrong turns to take.  For around every corner awaits something more magnificent than what you beheld scant moments before.  Allow yourselves that brief second of doubt and then cast it off forever, into the winds of change.  Then let your creativity take flight. Be confident in yourself.  You are each a Master in your own right, with talents and abilities uniquely your own.  You are capable of manifesting that perfect world you desire.  These are such golden times, so I ask that you be brave and embrace the new and the as yet unknown.  Do so and be blessed.
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