Monday, March 25, 2013

Into a full glass you cannot fill in more, it will overflow – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn ~ March 24, 2013

AA Raphael
My Beloved, welcome the spring in the northern hemisphere and welcome the energies the equinox brought with it. I am aware how much you are groaning under the onrush of these so strong energies. They are more intense than ever, but your bodies can stand them.

These energies bring so much with them in their towline. Events for which you are waiting now so long that you are unpatient like small children before christmas. The biggest events however will take place in your inside, not in the exterior. Don’t look for them there but go into your hearts. There you will find the big changes. Your hearts have been opened and let in more light and love, but also let it out. Because that what you receive, you have to give away so that more love can flow after to you. Into a full glass you cannot fill in more, it will overflow. You must empty your glass steadily and that means that you have to channel the love you receive through your hearts and then give it away.  Don’t worry that the flow of love could decrease.

That can’t happen because the portals will open even more and more love and light will flow to earth and to you. The more love you send to your fellow men and your environment the more love can flow after to you.
This flowing of love, of the energies, through your hearts has its impacts on your bodies. You feel more fatigue or you are nearly bursting with these energies, your hearts are aching because they are opening more and more and make room for even more love and  also for the merging with your Higher Selves. This is an energetic process, that but have its physical impacts on you. If you are unsure about the symptoms you can visit your physician, but when he cannot find anything you know the reason.

A faster heartbeat or additional beats of your hearst can also be physical symptoms of this becoming One with your Higher Selves. Please drink more clean pure water and rest as often as possible. I can always but repeat this once more. Your bodies are performing hard work, so please give them the necessary breather.
Let all go that don’t serve you anymore, all facades and all masquerades, they are only illusion. They are not what you truly are: bright shining Lighbeings out of purest Love. You can’t take these facades and masquerades of 3D with you into the fifth Dimension. As long as they remain stuck on you it will be hard for you to pass the eye of the needle of Ascension. Let them go and give them to the violet flame for transmutation. You will feel lighter afterwards. The time for these masquerades is over because illusion has ended. The earlier you let it go the sooner the new world will manifest itself for you. You must acknowledge and accept it so that you can see it one day. Your brains need their “time” to accomodate, to process what your eyes already can sense.

I can also but only repeatedly recommend to you to eat lighter; more fruits and vegetables, lesser meat, more seeds and nuts. Minimize the consumption of alcohol and nicotine, they are poison for your new crystalline bodies. Go onto the sun to receive nourishment and information out of her beams. Begin slowly and without sunprotection. Get your bodies used to the sun and then increase the time in her slowly. Sunprotection only blocks the valuable information.

Whenever you have health related problems ask for me. You don’t need elaborate prayers or rituals for this. Call only: Raphael please help me and add for what you need my help. I have hosts of heavenly angels around me to assist me in healing you. The same way you can ask my brothers and sisters the Archangels for help. We are on the stand by for you, but you have to call us, because we are only allowed to intervene on your calling. You know this thing of the free will, that we have to respect. So don’t be shy, nothing is too big for us but also nothing too small.

I envelop you in my eternal unlimited love. I am your healer, the Archangel Raphael.

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