Friday, March 15, 2013

John Smallman : To live timelessly will delight you

John Smallman

In Reality life is fun, great fun!  Here in the spiritual realms, there is always an air of playfulness as we attend to the work in hand.  Of course work here is not in the remotest sense like work on Earth, where most of you struggle to manage your financial obligations and feed and shelter your loved ones, frequently doing work that you positively dislike.

What we call work is our vocation, our calling, our brief, an occupation to which we are perfectly suited, and which stimulates us, excites us, fascinates us, and entrances us – it is “following our bliss” – and we are constantly, enthusiastically engaged with it because of that.  Needless to say it is endlessly creative and uplifting.

When you awaken, you will take your places beside us — already reserved for you since the moment of your creation — engaging actively and harmoniously with us in this, which is in effect an ongoing, sublime symphony in praise of Love, Life, Sentience, Consciousness, Oneness, the Source of all that exists, our Father, God.

Words are truly utterly inadequate forms of symbolism with which to describe or even try to paint mental pictures that attempt to express what we do here in Reality. Even the word “do” in this context is quite meaningless.  When you awaken, then you will understand the difficulties that we have in communicating meaningfully with you while you remain unawakened and totally reliant on symbols to provide you with information and knowledge.

The environment in which you are presently experiencing life seems vast and complex to you, especially when you take into account the universe which envelops your home planet, the galaxy that enfolds it, and your own lack of magnitude.  However, compared to God’s divine Reality, in which all that exists is contained, it is as nothing.

Your awakening is to be an amazing event of enormous significance.  It is an event towards which you have been making your way for eons as you played with the concept of linear time, and that concept is now unraveling.  To live timelessly will delight you: no deadlines, no anxious waiting periods, no missed opportunities, life unfolding for you all at once and actively encouraging your participation, now and forever.  It has to be experienced to be understood, and the joy of that experience awaits you.

Many, many timelines in your earthly scenario are now merging and coming together in a way that is presently wholly inconceivable to you.  In a sense, each one of you, each individual human being has his or her own personal timeline, which folds and wrinkles, swerves and curves, as you make decisions and choices that interact with and alter the direction in which your lifepath is taking you, moment to moment.

Because you are each seemingly locked to your own individual paths – doctor, scientist, artist, student, soldier, mother, father, etc. – it is very difficult for you to grasp any real sense of another’s.  It is a bit like eating ice cream, or swimming: you see others doing it, you know what it feels like for you, but your individual experiences are just that – yours, individual, separate, different.  As these timelines merge, this will all change, and you will start to experience the meaning of oneness.

This merging and melding of timelines will continue until there is only one, and then that too will dissolve, disintegrate, disappear, leaving only Oneness, Creation, God.  But no one will be lost because all sentient life is eternal, immortal, fully integrated into the divine energy field.  What you see and experience as separate and individual is illusory.  All is interconnected permanently.  It is just that your very limited perception hides this from you.

Every one of you knows someone whom you see as fixed, inflexible, attached to an unreal belief that he thinks defines him, while it is apparent to others that he is living in his own illusory world, unaware by choice or ignorance of the unreality of his belief, of his situation, of how he presents himself to the world, and convinced that all those around him are odd, wrong, even insane.

Well, in truth you have all to a greater or lesser extent enclosed yourselves in limited and exclusive environments – your churches, your clubs, your political affiliations, your work places, your ethnicities, even your families.  When you awaken, those self-imposed limits, those boundaries, those inflexible and “self-evident” beliefs will fall away and you will see with new eyes, hear with new ears, sense with new senses.  You will recognize yourselves as One, and your joy will be infinite.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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