Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Méline Lafont ~ oneness is what has birthed us and brought us to the aspects of experiencing ~ Channeled through and from Self

(Note from Méline: From now on I will be channeling under my current incarnation name and not under the name of Lady Portia anymore, for we are One and the same.  But you will still find these messages under the label of Lady Portia on my pages.  Much Love precious hearts ♥)

As we now enter this new state of being, we start to see the reflections of the inner merging with the reflections of the outer, forming your current reality.  Be aware that this is your renewed self and your new state of being, that is forming itself more and more into your Earthly plane, beloved Gaia’s state of consciousness.  All is combined and co-operating and seeing to it that “All That Is” now starts to be reflected as well on your inner as on your outer world.

We see the transfigurations starting to express themselves in a more conscious way, so that full consciousness can be achieved and is within reach.  As much as the collective form of human beings is shaping itself into a most enlightened way, all is within reach of your true and beautiful selves.  A big accomplishment is forming itself where trust and infinite Divine attention is involved and reaching its highest state.  See to it that the heart is always in harmony with all that you do and all that you bring in such a way that you offer help and assist other beloved hearts.

Now, a new generation of Light and enrichment is birthed, bringing us all to uniting as ONE.  Parts are melting as one and merging with our selves, forming the new and true You.  Nothing is as astonishing as becoming your one true Love source of energy and Light.  This is the most wondrous process that is taking place for all of humanity and it is a blessed opportunity. Take the opportunity that brings you into a different level of awareness and start to be this all.  There is never a difference in what you are and what another heart is, for oneness is what has birthed us and brought us to the aspects of experiencing.

All is infinite and a never ending story, for all floats in oneness and magical formations forming the YOU.  All is everything and everything is All.  The entire cosmos defines who we are as the multidimensional beings that we are.  We form the cosmos with our aspects of being and color of Light, creating this giant web of I AM. Thinking about it, we create lots of potentials because we are God creators of Light; every single one of us, with no exception.

So let us form this web of creations of our I AM presences of Light with a new intent and a new power that is called the Oneness of All and the being of Love, so that the entire Universe and beyond, being part of the cosmos, is a great contribution to this power of Love in all Oneness.

I AM that I AM
Eyah Asher Eyah

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  1. Thank you, dear Lady! Liefs, Pascal.

  2. Thank You Dear Meline for this Sacred Sharing (and of course, Your Sacred Being). First time I AM writing here (I have just signed up to follow you) and send you and all gathered here Infinite Love and Blessings in this auspicious Cosmic Moment of re-birthing in and as the New Template and Our Oneness. soldann

    1. Thank you for being here and for such a sweet comment. I AM happy we are all here united as one from the heart. Blessings and infinite Love from the heart ♥

  3. Much Love precious Lady Portia :-)