Saturday, March 23, 2013

A New Separation ~ March 23, 2013


This morning, Portia dreamt that she was participating in a spiritual group activity when the leader of the group said out loud to her, in front of every one, that she is unhealthy, lazy and that she should eat more fruits and vegetables. Immediately, Portia stood up and walked away.

Portia’s best friend recently realised that she will not take inequality of any kind, and that means she never wants to be with friends who treat themselves in ways that are not self loving, because she loves herself very much.
These are only two examples of the new seperation going on now.

Like Portia and her friend, many of you are going to feel that pull from old elements of your life, such as the environment you are familiar with and the people populating it. Some may already have felt it.
This pull will only get stronger and stronger. If you continue staying in energies and situations which no longer support you, you are going to become part of the obsolete and you may very well drown in it. Just as the old environment no longer holds you, new ones need your presence to grow and flourish.
A new environment may be what feels new to you but you truly are a fresh element injected into the situation you are drawn to as well.
There are places, people, elements and so on who must meet you. You are needed.
I am with you.
Goddess on the Dragon,
Kuan Yin

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  1. Thank you for blogging,Méline! So glad this has helped you!