Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reading requests cannot be accepted for a while

Precious hearts.  I have reached a point where I am advised and guided to stop the readings for a short time until further notice because they are demanding a lot of time.  I have already done so many readings till this day, and I will continue doing the readings that are booked, but I am not able to accept new requests at this time, until further notice.  I am still receiving so many requests on a daily base, and it hurts me to say no.  BUT this is only temporary, I just need to focus entirely on my new missions that are starting to manifest for me.

I will try to explain why.. My team told me 2 months ago to set priorities and to focus on new missions and myself for a while because they have been asking me (few sources) to bring new things out for them and work more consciously behind the veil too.  Even channeling can slow down a bit, here and there, because I need full concentration on those things.  1 of these new missions is to start a practice on my own, and in order to be able and do this, I need to complete some courses to be in regulation with the government.  As soon as these are in order, I can start with my practice and I will bring new services to you all, including readings.  The readings will be more divided in different sorts of readings, healings will be offered since I am an certified Quantum Touch healer and certified kundalini Reiki healer and I am going to complete a course of Pranic healing too..

This is already enough to demand my full attention and concentration, which I will combine with my 3 young children and new missions for the dolphins, Ascended Master and Pleiadians, which have already started.  I am sure we all feel the start for new things and these are mine for quite a while now.

At this point I don't know where this all will lead me to, but I feel it is important and that it is a new way of assisting and that this is a manifestation of my personal creations of service.  I hope to welcome you all back for reading requests, when my practice is a FACT with new ways of service.

Much Love precious Hearts ♥ Méline 


  1. Heel veel dank voor de readings die ik van jou heb mogen ontvangen, Méline. Ze waren geweldig! Veel succes met je komende taken en werkzaamheden. Lieve groet, Pascal.

    1. Met veeeeeeeel pleizer! Goh, ik ga het missen hoor! tis niet met de volle goesting maar het moet even :(