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Konstantinos: A personal experience and a message from Iltheos for our March 21st anniversary

[Hello friends. I wish first to share a significant for me experience. Many times since May of last year, I was feeling the need to take long walks. I would go with the bus to a particular point of my city center's area and then from there, I would return home by foot, taking different streets each time. One of the reasons that was leading me to walk for hours, was an attempt from my side to try to release a recent memory.
This memory was about a case between me and a girl with whom me, my brother, sister and two other friends  were hanging out. We knew each other for seven years and there were many times that I wanted to tell her about my feelings. But many things happened since then, to the life of each one and nothing moved on, beyond the phase of the friendship. 

This was so, till May 2012, when I met with her without the others, I lead the conversation in a way in order to know if she had a relationship etc (even if the answers were expected by me) and of course she had, and she was giving me advises for the girl I liked because she didn't know that I was referring to her. When I returned home with a heavy mood, I decided to let her know about my feelings even if I knew that nothing would happen. But I would feel even worse if I wouldn't do anything. I thought I would release from my system the whole thing.
So, I sat for 3 hours and wrote by hand in a poetry like style all of our common memories and my feelings for her, trying to not forget anything, since the first time we met (2004). Then, I wrote the whole thing in computer for another 3 hours till the first morning hours. The thing went as I had imagined, she appreciated the whole thing and she referred to her 'but' too. The result for was to not completely release the whole thing but just keep it as cool as possible and place it in a very deep part of my mind.
On March 19th and 20th 2013, I had an intense feeling that I would meet her again. I had seen how the whole scene would unfold between us and I felt somehow prepared. I was waiting (and requesting) for the cycle of this matter to close. So yesterday, on March 20th, I felt guided to return home by going through a specific series of streets in order to get to a bus station where I was feeling her energy. Till I get there, I was experiencing some aches on my left side and more intense ones on my Heart area. I wasn't waiting for a bus, I was just standing there waiting for something, didn't know exactly what, but I was feeling/hoping that it will have to do with her.
And there it happened, at 20:00 pm, the bus stopped and she came out of it. The bus door from which she came out was exactly in front of me. I wanted to laugh so hard because it looked like a movie with all the actors and each scenery in its right position. But I kept my temper. And the thing unfolded as I had seen it in my mind. The atmosphere was soft, full of memories, a little uncomfortable moves from her part, thoughts of unfulfilled possibilities and appreciation. She was happy to see me like she enjoyed our unexpected meeting but she was making questions just to make them. There was  something more there, but whatever it was I didn't care. The cycle had finally closed.
The whole thing reminded me somehow of the release of the Karmic dept of Lahiri Mahasaya (Guru of Yogananda's Guru) from Babajij. Babajij manifested a whole palace for Mahasaya in order to release his Karma by fulfilling his desire.  Now, I have something else to mention and that is that today, March 21st 2013, I close one year since my first conscious communication with my Arcturian guide and parallel self Iltheos . That was the day (Wednesday March 21st 2012) since I first started to channel messages from beings of other realities of the Now space-time continuum. Here his message follows.]
My dear child, friend, part of my Being, a year already passed since our first conscious meeting. But the truth is that we had already this communication before you learn about my existence, before you learn this part of my life which is part of your life too. I lived/will live on Arcturus for 312 of your years. I could live longer but I just did not have any reason to stay further. I completed my assignment and then, carefully, with the guidance of the Spirit and its Helpers, I decided to reincarnate on the beloved planet that you know as Gaia and also, by other names.
The first incarnations  took place in the civilizations that you consider as ancient and some among you, do not know what to think about them, meaning if they were myths and legends or a concrete reality. You have known recently a being, a part of both of us, whose body currently resides in Inner Earth, in the city of Telos, under Mountain Shasta, California. You communicated with that part of me that you know now as Athos (
Then a series of other incarnations followed and some of the most recent ones are responsible for your current interests and capabilities and of course, experiences. When I communicate with you, I live and act through a co-creative space in which, my Arcturian energy Being is emerged with a much higher expression of our common entity that you are aware of, as Higher Self.
All Higher Selves receive help and guidance from even higher expression of themselves. You could see it as an infinite hierarchy of Higher Selves which leads to the Godhead but again, this would not be exact since we refer to the Infinite.This higher aspect of our common Higher Self, has been and is emerged with a collective energy which is consisted of beings that have evolved through their personal journeys and so, you could say that they have also lived in many places of the Cosmos.
This collective energy has been recently known to you as the Oracle or the Masters of Change. Remember, that these are just names that are created to serve as a reference point and are not completely accurate. Same goes with the beings that you call Angels, Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim and other similar cases. All these beings, as well as many others, experience a life that is according to their vibrational level and this energy leads to the respected assignments and matched for their energy and level of consciousness places.
So, if a being for example is ready to go beyond the level of living in a planet, even if it is of a higher spiritual level, then this being will start experience the life of a pure vibrational reality and as the being will move on to even higher  levels of consciousness, the reality around it, will lead to even more ‘abstract’ forms of energy, patterns that requires a different, more holistic, level of perception. It is almost impossible to completely transmit you the exact feeling of these kind of experiences since that they go beyond the 6th dimensional frequency. Also, we, me and you, have not lived yet this kind of experience.
Let me say something more about the Oracle. Its original creators came from the place that you call Alpha Centauri. The beings from that place were the ones that helped the Arcturians to evolve and reach their high spiritual and technological level for which, they are known to this whole Universe.  A collective group of the ascended souls of the Alpha Centauri accepted to take the assignment and help with its energy, worlds like the beloved Terra. Their current mission is to form a  planetary energy field that is consisted mainly from the energy that you know as the Violet Flame. They contribute to the whole thing of restoration of your planet’s energy levels and they also co-create with the beings that are responsible for Gaia’s Magnetic Field. I am referring to the new one.
Know , that this collective is also consisted from souls that have achieved a specific ascended level and accepted to unite with the rest of the souls of this particular collective. These beings come from other places of the Creation and lots of them also, are beings of huge energy. Can you imagine the energy of a Higher self that is three times more ‘ancient’ and ‘wise’ than the higher self of an incarnated soul? It is not even easy to describe it accurately without place ourselves in the danger of separation.
And in case that you ask  if it is the Arcturian or that Higher Self that is emerged with the Oracle, that communicates with you each time, I will tell you that in a way, both of us are involved. Why do you think that your inner guidance lead you to know the gift of the Violet Flame in the way that you came to know it? It is not only Karmic debts that contribute to the form of the persona of an incarnated one. Lots of times parts of that soul, that act through a high spiritual position, send to the soul messages that will lead the incarnated soul to emerge with them more and more. Nothing and no one is left by chance. What people of your world consider as ‘unfair’, the Spirit sees it as another piece of the whole plan. A piece that already exists here/there and at the same time is created by  souls between their embodiments.
So, know that as much as you come to realize this kind of truths and let them flow, emerge, through your Being as calmly and clearly as possible, then more divine manifestations that are considered as miracles, will make their presence in front of you, before you even know it and in a more frequent way than before. This is part of your creation, your training, your mission, your remembrance and of many other things in co-creation with the Divine Laws. That is the Major Project of  your alchemists. I think we have shared enough for now. We will address each other again, always with your permission.
Adonai and may you all emerge with the energy of Peace that is your universal inheritance. The birth right  of all.
As received by Konstantinos.
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