Monday, March 18, 2013

…begin the spring cleaning of the soul – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn ~ March 17, 2013

Maria 2My beloved children of Earth, children of Gaia, who is also my child, since I am the incarnation of the Prime Mother in this universe. I bless you and wrap you in my infinite love.
You are walking into so magnificent times, glorious times. The energies that are send to you will even increase in intensity. Do not worry, you are now well prepared for them, and your body is able to process these energies accordingly. They tickle like curious sunbeams more of the sleepers among you to awaken. 

They rub their eyes in disbelief now whether the meddlesome rays that have made it to their bedrooms and tickle their eyelids with its light and warmth. I love metaphors, and this is obviously one of them. Let these rays get into your heart and warm your body.
The light is now growing stronger and warmer in the northern hemisphere. Despite some escapades of winter, who doesn’t want to give up his game yet, spring is just around the corner. You can find it as an idea already and smell it. The air tastes different and nature is waking up now. This waking-up extends to the love in your wonderful hearts. You shake out your blankets and let fresh air into them and into your hearts. The spark in it needs this air to ignite the light within you. You know, you cannot light a fire without oxygen to burn, it would go out again. So open your hearts even further, to let in more air. Your light will shine much brighter and larger.
The energies are helping you like a gush of water that cleans or like the wind that stirs the dust, and then takes it away to ease your hearts. They will help you to remove the layers of the façade and the masquerade, you have built around you, one by one until only the true core of your wonderful Self remains. You no longer need these layers. They gave you a supposed protection in the illusion, but the illusion is over and your immortal soul doesn’t need protection. Who or what could damage it? This was all just an illusion. Your true Self wants to be uncovered by you. Let go of anything that no longer serves you, give it to us to resolve. We’ll fill you with our love. Cleanse your true Being to be revealed and let it shine. We’ll be happy to help. You have to do the actual work on your own, but we will help to remove the layers, of which you rid yourselves, completely. We are a kind of garbage collection, that dispose the dirt and waste that you no longer need.
So my beloved children begin the spring cleaning of the soul and let to us the disposal of all that has soiled your light and your home. We give you the cleaners by the hand and take the dirt with us for the transformation, but the cleaning is your job, nobody can take away this task from you.
My Beloved, I envelope you in my infinite and boundless love that will give you the necessary strength, just as the nectar of the Divine Prime Mother serves as food to all of us in the heavenly realms. I am always with you, just a thought away. With deepest love, I am your mother, Lady Maria.
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