Monday, March 11, 2013

Konstantinos: Fejca from the Centaurus constellation-’Being balanced is more needed than ever’.

My name is Fejca and I am greeting you from my home planet that exists among many others in the constellation that you call Centaurus. The name of my home planet is Jeduvi. My message will not request a big space and so, it will be relatively short. I wish with Honesty and Love to tell you some things and also, to make you some questions.

By coming to Earth you experience a great variety of situations, regardless of the number and the kind of the experiences of each individual. You always collect acquaintance with both sides of things, including yourself too. Do you think that something like this will stand as beneficial to you while you will get even closer to the climax of your changes and particularly, to the ‘official’ start of our collective contacts with you?
What I mean to say is that drama, panic, egotistic desires, impatience  and other of similar vibration situations, can no longer hold a position in the temperament  of those that are considered as Lightworkers. To be an incarnated human on Earth , of course, it includes the almost inevitable fact of your meeting with the low vibrational energy fields. But to be masters of yourselves, determines the following development of things, on an atomic and also, on a collective level.

Do you believe that you are ready to go through the coming period of the even more intense and frequent changes with temper and self-awareness or are you going to continue exchanging gazes with distress, expectation, uncertainty and fear? Ensure that you behave as frequently as possible on a higher level. When you observe that this comes through you naturally, meaning that is part of your way of living, then you are able to understand if you can stand and accept the higher frequencies that are excelled from our bodies and starships.

To be Happiness without recognizing the suitability of each moment for its expression, is an edge that you must have in mind. Same thing goes for the unconscious manifestation of anger and gloom from your part, too. Try to stay in balance without losing your sentiments. View the seemingly unfortunate situations as additional motives for self-control and often movement of yourself, upwards.

Do you think that you are not capable of achieving this? If I and many others  believed the opposite, then we would not even proceed to set a telepathic contact between ourselves and people of your planet. You can and you will have more proofs that you are indeed able to merge with even higher expressions of the Collective Being. Remember to move always in the middle path by having as your compass, the aim of all. The highest. The result will be for you to stay balanced and at the same time, to not lose your goal.
I bid you farewell for now and maybe we will encounter each other when and if it will be appropriate.
I am Fejca.

As received by Konstantinos.
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