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Julie Milller: Ascended Master El Morya – Faith is a Direct and Spontaneous Action of the Heart

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Faith is a Direct and Spontaneous Action of the Heart
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ March 19 – 26, 2013
Received by, Julie Miller March 19, 2013
When you choose to believe in the goodness of others you are demonstrating your faith even though you do not know the outcome of any action that has not yet occurred. Spiritual faith is very similar.
In basic terms, to have faith is giving complete trust to a person or a concept, or something else that you believe will provide a certain amount of liberation or value. Oftentimes we witness many dear souls trusting freely, unknowing of any possible outcome or learning ahead of time how the outcome will be achieved. Understand dear ones; Faith is absolutely a power of Trust.

It has direct and spontaneous energy which is known to us and to many dear souls to be truer than abstract understanding and awareness. Within the Power of Truth you will discover Faith and the faith that is there within each of you will always pave the way to knowledge. Try to comprehend dear ones that when you act on Faith you are demonstrating your spiritual knowledge that is reflected through the power of your thinking through the power of pure unconditional love.
When you awaken to the Inner Realization of your Whole Self, discovery of your own personalized truth will be revealed. While you are on the path to self-discovery dear ones most often you are following your own inner guidance without any facts to go by other than your own Inner Urgings which holds the promise of Faith that is yours and found through being open to your own loving energies and the ability to project love without conditions – in pure acceptance as you are loving, compassionate Children of God. Your Faith dear ones on what you believe to be true does not come from any outside source, it can only be found through you when you take the time to go within and learn the truth of your Self.
There are some dear ones who have lost their way within the arms of Faith, but this absence is never gone in a forever sense. When dear souls move through their life journey absent from faith, they too are on a path of self-discovery and faith does return when the dear soul has found enough satisfactory information to begin rebuilding themselves with. And we know deep down within the recesses of their heart, Faith never left them, they only turned their focus away and onto inner healing that would benefit their entire being of heart, mind, body and soul. Faith will always be made stronger through every experience and every particle of knowledge you gain. Taking the time to master one’s Self will improve your relationship with Faith, knowing this journey easily may require more than a day or two of concentrated effort.
It is time to understand dear ones that Faith cannot be discovered through words; it comes into fruition when you make the time to go within and accept without knowing what you will discover of your Self. What you believe in, what is true to you and your precious hearts is guided by Faith. You are not expected to understand everyone else that is on their own unique journey, but you can bring yourself to accept what you yourself understand. When you are able to see Faith as a motion of your soul, then you are recognizing the Power of Truth and it will enable your journey to move in a direction that is most desirable to you.
Faith dear ones is a most production movement when it comes from actions from you that are fundamental and necessary for your individualized journey that are derived from your loving heart and the energy that is felt through your physical body. Faith is not something that is created through your industrious mind, as it has no expectations on any particular outcome. Your instinctive discernment and dependence on achieving Divine Awareness will release you to your own Working Power that is found through your Inner and Outer lives. When difficulties approach, rather than depending on your own abilities and material means you can shift your Faith to that specific energy source and truly see it take control of situation. A great way of determining the strength of your Faith is when you feel a sense of satisfaction and peace, well before the problem is over.
When you achieve this state of contentment within a difficult situation, you then KNOW you have shared the difficult situation into a POWER that will never fail you. This power is ONE that you can always rely on, and He is with you during all your endeavors and that dear ones is God, your heavenly Father. He has never lost His faith in any of you. He understands you have had to learn, sometimes taking the long road and some roads that have had many branches and detours – HE knows and has never stopped loving you. The most esteemed levels of Faith are not only to be found through absolute trust in God, but in your own life and the choices you make each and every day.
The amount of joy you receive opens your heart further that brings you to surrendering to God’s Will and Word of Eternal Love. Every time you enter a difficult situation dear ones is always an opportunity for you to raise your level of Faith with yourself and with God. When you make the conscious motion to understand that every problematic situation that crossed your path provided you with the opportunity to go within for deeper contemplation in order to discover a workable solution; thus creating an increase of Faith in God that He helped guide you to your resolution. When you are able to visibly see that the difficult situations you have overcome through the Trust you gave to God and yourself working in a united collaboration you will easily see that your level of Faith has increased exponentially.
When you have an increase of Faith, you will also discover other areas on the rise as well such as your confidence, inner-strength and awareness; just to name a few. Regardless the size of the situation when you include God you are creating a self-maintaining sequential order of trust, power, success and divine wonderment. As you move along your journey dear ones make a conscious choice to be aware of where you place the Power of your Faith while you are in hot pursuit of personal happiness and attaining fulfillment. Many dear souls are ruled by their life through a physical consciousness, they are not aware of other energies or forces that have a great effect on their successes or failures, their movements are merely habitual.
But then there are many people that work towards serving others as they also serve God by bringing compassion, love and charity into other people’s lives in a way that utilizes their gifts and talents best. Therefore many dear souls aspire with Hope to bring forth as much goodness as possible into their own lives as well as others even though they do not know the outcome of their heart-felt actions. They have pure Faith in God and in their own efforts that beneficial results will be the outcome and they continue their journey through positive thoughts and feelings that are filled to the brim with Love. We encourage each of you to make the step towards increasing God’s Hand and Guidance throughout your journey.
Not only will this union help increase your level of faith but your spiritual journey will be filled with a deeper awareness of His presence which is above, below and all around you as well as within the central core of your spiritual heart. He will never turn you away dear ones, He has not yet and He never will. Let him into your heart and as you consciously allow Him entrance, you will also be coming home to His Love and His never-ending Light. Withdraw yourself from the fear of trusting God and waken your Self in His Love through the Faith you have within your heart and soul.
And so it is… I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Mille

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