Friday, March 29, 2013

Lucas – The Train Keeps Rolling – Feeling Your Way Through Cluttered Old And Starting New – Personal Independence And Freedom – 28 March 2013

fishbowlsYou all thought to get a break, no way.  The train is running and stops nowhere but its destined end-point. Let me be clear it is a ride but for everybody different, but also with a clear destiny.  It is about you going the whole way.  So what you have experienced around the vernal equinox and around the full moon yesterday is  all just your personal experience on your journey. In whatever you needed to experience on your road if it was pleasant or not, it was experienced just the way it should be.  All are just lessons you take in to let you make your change and let go of what is not needed. You also are integrating all those vibrational frequency changes coming in. Your body is changing also. 

It is all in a sense playing around relationships.  The relationships to yourselves,  your loved ones, your work, your outside world, like:  the government, the banks, etc.  It is about you in the middle of this seeing what is. It is about the choice you make to free yourself and be  your authentic loving self.  It is about independence and freedom of you.  For some it will be an ongoing battle in old paradigm stuff, or activism. For others it will be about first time going within and for some it is about activations and or  about deeper insights bringing up a new level of understanding where you go in this new paradigm and shift  in BEing YOU.
In relationships personal growth and independence is now a strong theme. The new paradigm is not about all those old ways of having relationships tied.  It is about being YOU and BEing independent and that makes you can connect to everyone freely open without shackles, restrictions, etc.  Love relationships will become those of independent humans.  It is about setting aside old patterns. Just feeling love and not going into battles or arguments is bringing your relationship in a neutral point  and balance.  It is about allowing YOU and the OTHER BEing.
Still old ways of claiming each other are practised and formalized in making relationships into institutes, like marriage and registrations. Who needs permission to be love, loving or be loved? No one. An important step in all that is now playing out is self-love and being in your power.  That is also connected again to deep-rooted fears that still show up in your lives. If you see you in your power loving yourself and connected to source you will stand tall and BE.  You will follow the flow of you connected to source. You will know to love all that is.
This power of you standing tall in a loving way to everything will make you break through to and experience new levels.  The knowing you are a  powerful loving BEing that knows  no fears will have you attract that loving creation or that what you want.  All that is not aligned will be bounced off.  It will not stick or have an affect.  That what is aligned will flow limitless.  It is about feeling your way through all.
The equilibrium in all is finding the neutral space that brings polarities vibrate in unity. This is what we are going to see. If something is opposite is it then wrong or right? No, it is not important anymore. All is… If you only want to see it and see all is…. without filling in  the blancs. If you stop playing, cease the battle, leave the argument it will bring you in understanding of what it is unconditional love means truly.
You can not have conditions in love. It is love or not.  In every argument or battle is the other perception opposing you or your principles,  your thoughts, your beliefs, your patterns, your ego. Nobody is right or wrong as we all are right in our own way. We lived through our duality matrix that has ended and the last energies of that experience are now fading  away. We are going to see that polarities are not bad or good. Polarities are if in balance making things whole.  We are integrating polarities and making things whole. In ourselves and therefore also outside. Through changing ourselves we change the rest also. This  all maybe said over the years  a lot of times but I know for certain that now a lot of you are really seeing what it means. Unity within brings freedom, love and bliss also on the outside.
Spring is here! Spring does not come only to wipe your homes clean but also your inside of clutter and dirt to let go off.  Re-feel what is the fresh  new YOU.  Cleaning takes an effort and it can be fun. The deeper cleaning of the most dirty toilet or bathroom you ever saw can be less pleasant. It is all part of the big clean up now taking place. See it happen. See the brush off  that what is not beneficial to you having consequences for relationships in all sorts of ways.  Still the cleaning needs to be done.
Open up and feel your way through. Know it is only you that can do it for you.  Nobody else.  You will eventually see why the deepest love for YOU and All that is is such an invincible tool.  I express my whole love to you all as we all are part of the one Source as Source is part of us all.   Whatever happens it is  a journey we all came here to be experiencing to make a new paradigm happen that never has existed before. So know how important all of you are whatever the qualifications and labels you give each other maybe still in being bad or good, light or dark.  It is all part of ONE.
Love and Light,
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