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(note from Méline: I resonate with the first part of this article and it is very interesting to see how things are becoming so obvious with these measurements, eventhough all is infinite and immeasurable.  Know that prophecies do not nescesarry come true.  Always use your heart discernment at all times and with all messages)

Since I got to proof the right in the Mayan calendar through my gift of dowsing in january and got to publish and expose this in an article through a couple of websites, a stream of comments arose, and because of this, my proof of that only is becoming stronger. My measurements of the past few weeks show certain patterns that keep repeating themselves. I would like to share this information with you, because I love to show the joy I got from my findings to everybody reading this website. It is indisputable that we live in a time of great changes that will lead up to an unimaginably large climax. Like I told in my previous article, I came across the evidence of the right of the Mayan calendar by chance. The overcome gift of being able to open up information about the spiritual process, among which the announcement of the extent to which a person has developed in the ancestry proces, shows that this process has been speeding up since the end of october 2012. As I have said before, I can determine whether the person I am measuring resonates with the energies of the 3rd dimension, or that this person in harmony with the development of the subconscious already starts to vibrate along with the first outlines of the 5th or even the 6th and 7th dimension, through my measurements of the frequency of the values of Bovis. It appears to be so, that I have gotten to measure these harmonies in higher dimensions with multiple people.

The dozens of measurements that I have done the past time, personal encounters as well as measurements by sent in photos, show a clear trend. Because I can go back in with my gift of dowsing, I see that a large number of people in the month of october/november 2012 vibrated with the 3rd dimension and that with that almost always 2 strings of DNA were active. The turn came in december 2012 when these people appearantly suddenly and without conscious observation started vibrating with the 5th dimension and that a process started that activated 12 strings of DNA. The remarkable part, however, is that I now measure that a couple people from that 5th dimension, start to get in harmony even more and a couple even vibrate with the 6th and 7th dimension. The Bovis values also show a rising line of units. So we can conclude that our bodies slowly but surely are changing internally, that can not be measured physically or with medical equipment. It, however, is happening and my clients indicate that they are experiencing unclear, not medically explainable complaints, mentally as well as physically. By measuring the physical and the mental complants, I discover a certain trend as well. I was surprised how many of my clients who vibrated with the higher dimensions, seemsd to have a shortage of the spore element Molybdeen. This element adds energy to the brain and the nerves in the 3rd dimension, but take a look at what it does in the 5th and higher dimensions. Molybdeen has as power of consciousness in its matter the power of the higher impuls of love, it is aimed at the other to feel and chooses to live from a higher ideal, that creates harmony and averts confrontations and battle. It also carries compassion. These people often need Molybdeen to get from the head into the heart. In this process of ancestry I also often measure a shortage of vitamin B12 – this vitamin is the support in the 5th dimention to let go of all the old suffering that is characteristic of th 3rd dimension. So first come the establishes measurements by me and after that it becomes clear why and what these supplements are for. I have tried to depict the way dowsing works for me in a diagram (fig.).

Our subconscious is the harddrive of neverending information aimed at the whole, beauty and
love of the creation and functions as the absolute correct source of information to better our
life physically, mentally and spiritually. Because of the incarnation on earth, we lose the direct
contact with this subconscious and only keep a vague line to this deep source within ourselves
in our life through our intuition. You do have to know that our subconscious is a part of the
Universal consciousness and that the slumbering connection of the unconditional love of
God deep within ourselves patiently waits for us to awake and get in harmony. More and
more I start to find out that when we start recognizing this connection with Gods love within
ourselves, we immediately start feeling with our hearts that our lives are going to turn around
towards happiness and properity. It seems like all the obstacles of the past are dissapearing
and the so called coincidences and synchronicities make miraculous things happen. This
happens to me regularly and a couple of my clients are also amazed about the wonders that
happen to them now that they are aware of their connection from the heart with God. I know
that the word God can also summon resistance and I used to use the words Cosmos, Universe
or All that is, but ever since that neverending love of God reveals itself within and around me,
I can not make this widely known in any other way than this. The precense of the neverending
power and love of God revelas itself to everyone that becomes conscious in his/her heart of its
existence and the experience that flow into your personality from this all-embracing energy.
A different discovery that I made, is the divine power of love that radiates from flowers. On
the Bovis scale from 0 to 23,000 units, 23,000 is the highest possible value of divine energy
of love and beauty.

It is remarkable that roses and carnations radiate these highest possible values, however this is
not very surprising. Whoever puts roses or really big carnations in their homes, immediately
feels how warm and loving the energy of these flowers radiates to their environment.

One can slake or cherish this and you can see that the harmony in the environment strongly increases. What I, however, also discovered with my measurements, is that the Bach’s flowers also carry this divine intention of 23,000 Bovis units. I discovered this, because many clients were recommended Bach’s flowers through my measurements to promote the ancestry and to reduce the painful side effects of this process. There are 38 blossom therapies and how can you know which one you need to support you at this very moment. The subconscious knows this flawlessly and points out the right Bach’s flowersfor the physical and mental process to be bale to transform further (chart II). The fly agaric on the other hand only has a Bovis value of 1,000 units and it is therefore not surprising that ingredients of the fly agaric were once used by medieval witches. By using such fungi and plants, one connects himself to the underworld and allow demonic energies to surface. So always be careful to stay as far away as possible from experiements like that, because the dark forces have not yet dissapeared from this world and try to keep us away from our connection with the divine energy, deeply hidden in our hearts.

I stated I wanted to share my joy about my discoveries, because something big is about to happen in a very near future. It should be clear by now that my measurements show that we have come at a crossroad where the old energies of the 3rd dimension are going to lose power and the insight of love and compassion are going to be the new ruling characteristics of the new earth. This new earth has been announced and promised to us by many prophets, but they also predict that we have to bite the bullet first. The current world events are therefore not flourishing everywhere and with the coming of the new Pope Fransiscus the First (the last Pope before the great transformation), according to the great Pope-prophecy of Malachias, a very large part of all life on earth will be entering a time of great oppression. All evil on earth will eventually be driven away, because the power of light will drive away every darkness. It is clear to me that we are entering an exciting time, but I also measure with my gift, that thousands of angels are ready to help anyone that asks for it. It is a cosmis law that interefering in a positive way can only happen if one asks for it. Nevery will one interefere with the free will of mankind. Recently the book of Aurelia Louise Jones titled Telos Volume 3: Protocols of the Fifth Dimension (Mount Shasta Light Publishing) was brought to my attention. I found confirmations about the things I have measured recently in this and this book was another impulse to write this article and publish it.

Not very long now will it be untill we find ourselves on a new earth in which we as humans possess our full assets which we, as creatures of God, can express in a truly heavenly way. The famous seer Johnnes of Jerusalem, to whom I referred in my previous article, predicts an unknown Golden age. Diseases will cure before they can reveal themselves! Mankind will be capable of drawing all that it stands before it as from a powerful source of clear water! Mankind will no longer be imprisoned in its head like in its cities! Very intriguing pronouncements in the Book of Prophecies from this John of Jerusalem.
This joy and happiness of our future is what I wanted to share with you.

To conclude: I always say this and it might be jumping to conclusions a bit, but it is all about three things. 1St – Always stay close to yourself in your own energy and don’t get carried away by the delusion of the day. 2Nd – Have good power of discernment of everything that happens, feel if it is right and pure with our heart. 3Rd – Develop an unconditional trust in God and your life will definitely be easier.

Dineke Jongepier-Rijskamp - -� l� l� 􀀕� - march 2013

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