Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saint Germain ~~ You are becoming the future Masters ~~ 19/07/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Dear Ones,

As an Ascended Master I notice lots of degrees concerning the levels of awakening. One degree is higher than the other and one soul is more evolved than the other. What I am trying to say is that despite the fact that there are various degrees in awakening, there is a great coherence between the Lightworkers and the awakening ones. You all share the same purpose and that is the Asension on a personal level as well as on a planetary level. The afore-mentioned coherence not only advances our cooperation to the fullest but also our evolutionary process, my dear ones. Never before in the history of mankind have we witnessed this kind of rapid evolution in such a short time and at such a grand scale! What a performance! What a feat! That’s why I encourage you to hold on and to remain strong; it is really important now to keep going on! The best preceptors are focused on their goal and never give up, no matter what. Little by little I am enclined to call you real preceptors who have almost rounded up their tasks in this duality in order to become real Masters.

What we as Ascended Masters are to you now, you will become as well after this duality ordeal and your upcoming Ascension is completed. When the time has come we gladly offer our ranks to the New Masters who overcame duality and who will in turn function as guides for souls who themselves are in the process of overcoming duality, something you are in the process of finishing up now. There’s plenty of work in the Higher Realms where evolution is an endless, ongoing process and where Ascension is a natural event. We too have, as Ascended Masters, higher Lightbeings that rank above us and who themselves have evolved even higher than we and from whom we gladly receive guidance. What they are to us, we are to you. And so the process continues endlessly as there are an unlimited amount of dimensions and schools of learning. You will now be the next generation of Masters!

Of course, it all depends also on your position and on the task your soul has chosen to fulfill. There are also various degrees in the choices you can make in the Higher Realms. There are for instance the tasks of the Archangels who directly carry out the orders of Creator with regards to humanity ; they are closer to humanity as compared to us. On the other hand we have the Masters whose tasks are quite substantial and go from lending assistance to guiding to making tough decisions and performing tasks on a more universal level. Furthermore we have the Galactic Federation of the Light whose tasks are equally substantial but are covering even more territory leading beyond the omniverses. Within each Dimension and Universe, there are so many various degrees of vibrations, energies and civilizations. The choice is huge and varied as to the possibilities in which you want to evolve further and what you want to accomplish. You can for instance help other souls, who are slightly less evolved than you are, evolve to a higher dimension…. You can accomplish something on a Dimensional level, on a Galactic level, on a Universal level or even beyond that … It all depends on your own evolution and on the path you choose.

It will all become crystal clear just after Asension, my dear ones. You will have the chance to choose again what kind of evolution you wish to engage in. It is all based on free will, never forget that! Free will has to be respected and it will. What about the Ascension process of this Earthly world?? Well, I can divulge that the notion of “time” that you are familiar with has accelerated although nothing seems to change. All will come to a climax and will be put under great pressure because of this acceleration of time. Under those circumstances it cannot go on much longer! It’s just a matter of “time” before it all will become quite obvious. Nothing can be forced, my dear ones, as all has to run its natural course. Forcing things achieves nothing. It all can be compared to the domino-effect : one domino stone at a time will fall and instigate the process. The placing of the domino stones took the longest time but soon the domino stones will fall, one after the other, in increasing speed as we reach the end of the trajectory. That’s a good comparison. Look back at last year and take notice of all the changes and events that have happened in this, all in all, short period of time as time in itself is accelarating. You will get a vision of the whole picture and you will understand it better, clearly noticing how much progress has been made. The best is yet to come!

I Am Saint Germain.

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  1. Great, dear Méline... shared, as usual! :)))

  2. thank you Meline and St. Germain, wonderful and encouraging message! shared <3

  3. Thank you so much Fran!! much love to you dear friend! <3