Monday, July 16, 2012

EARTH ANGELS. Home; The Container Within Which You Grow. By, AuroRa Le. July 16, 2012.

✥ Greetings Child, Our Light, Our Heart.  Present the message we bring, to all of those who care to listen.  We are The Principalities.  We come to bestow our gracious tidings upon you, Sweet Ones.  As you know, we are the Guardians of Gaia and the watchers of the peoples.  We are the keepers of the lands.  These lands are your home, and blessed be Gaia that this is so.  It is upon her rich and fertile soils you make your homes.  You create them to be beautiful.  They are to shelter you and yours, and to keep you warm and dry.  You seek shelter inside its walls from the harshest of the elements and from all that does you harm.  We see you like to save things here, as precious keepsakes of your life and times.  This is so lovely, we think, that you do these things.  Keeping of home is a kindly art and it is as essential to your well-being as the water you drink, the table you set and the fine company you keep.  The home is a reflection of who it is you be this time round, and that which you seek to be in days ahead. 

✥ The colors of your home reflect the colors of your being.  Who be you, Child, we inquire?  You in truth are not your human vessel, but a creature made of Light.  Your Earthly environs ought reflect the vibrant complexity of your star-essence and your auric field.  Be you a child of indigo or gold or Holy Mother’s petal pink, like the rose…show these colors.  You ought bring them into your home for the maximum benefit.  These hues shall bring you comfort in these trying times.  Adorn each corner of your livingspace with beauty;  beauty as only you perceive and know it to be.

✥ Mother Gaia wishes to be present in your homes.  Says she, “You think to only know me in the out-of-doors!”  See that this is just not so.  Gaia seeks her welcome everyplace, and in her way she provides a bountiful harvest to select from.  Sparkling crystals carry within them the essential energies needed for your transfiguration.  And, oh the flower kingdom, be it ever so sweet.  The flowers offer themselves up to you in service, such selfless service, to bedeck your Holy space with Mother’s sweet perfume.  The hue of healing would be grassy green.  Allow the greenery inside to cleanse the air and heal you.

✥ Liken your livingspace to a container within which you flourish and grow.  Keep it fair and healthy.  Dust off the webbing and clear this space for ultimate expansion.  Fill up the rooms with lively company.  Engage yourself in laughter and light talk. Aim to share the happy news, whilst together you break bread.  Be exultant.  Delightful you are, Sweet Ones.  So like God.

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