Friday, May 15, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Infinite Love Melts All Duality

Our mind focuses on our problems and creates separation with too much worry. When Love arises from inside of us the problems of Duality melt away and solutions appear. The Love Mantra can change the nature of your mind as your Consciousness expands deep inside and becomes Infinite Love.
Love is the ocean that gave birth to the waves. The ocean remains silent in its own Oneness but appears on the surface as an individual expression of a wave. When the wave can no longer see the Ocean inside of its self, then the force of the wind pushes the wave and creates resistance. The wave focuses on the push and pull of life and becomes confused. All of your problems arise from too much focus on your problems and not enough love filling your heart.

The simple solution occurs as the wave looks inside itself and expands into the entire field of the Ocean. Meditation with the Love Mantra expands the field of Infinite Love that already exists inside of you. As you relax into meditation, you will naturally let go of your focus on Duality and all your worries get released. The more you relax with the Power of the Love Mantra, the more you merge with the Infinite Oneness of our own True Nature. You are the Ocean already. There is only One Consciousness at the very center of your being.
When you mind focuses on your problems, you leave the Oneness of the Ocean of Love and get caught up in the force of the wave of your individual mind. Too much thinking always creates loneliness and confusion. The individual mind becomes so focused on individual problems that it forgets how to feel the Love that is inside.
Maybe you have tried to think more lovingly and found how difficult it is. Thinking is not the solution to your problems. Let go of your worries and melt into the deep Inner Peace that only the Ocean of Love can bring you. Meditation with the Love Mantra is so easy. Anyone can do it. Love is the force that removes all separation and all worries. Meditate with the Love Mantra and discover the Infinite Ocean of Love that is waiting for you. Relax, all of your worries are about to be transformed into Infinite Love. I will see you all very soon and share the most precious gift I have ever discovered. Bless you!

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