Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Changing our Perspective about Emotional Energy

Emotions are energy. They rise up from deep inside of us and take form as they express themselves on the surface of our life. Our mind likes to have calm waters so our boat can travel through our life more comfortably and easily. But when the waves of emotion rise up too high, our mind resists and wants to control them. The only problem with emotions is our own resistance to the energy that comes with them.
When the emotion is still inside it is just pure energy or Shakti that has no expression until it reaches the surface and expresses itself in our life. If we can change our point of view and feel the energy of the emotion rather than the expression as a negative emotion, we can harness that energy and feel more comfortable with it. Even feeling the negative emotion without control or resistance to it, builds our ability to feel positive emotions like love without control or resistance. Energy in any form is useful if we can harness it and direct it in a positive direction. Energy is Life Force. Strong energy is called Shakti. We can use this energy for healing and for manifesting our desires.

If we remove our concept that emotions are bad and release our idea of good and evil, we can allow our self to feel the energy contained within the emotion and redirect it to a more useful result.
When we release karma there is a lot of emotions come up as the karma is going out of our body and soul. If we let it go out and not think about it, the karma gets released and never returns. The problem we have with emotional release of karma is not in the energy we feel, but in the resistance to the form of the negative emotions. When we resist the emotions, the karma gets recycled. The energy that wants to get out of our body, returns to us and will only come up stronger in the future. Better to let it go now without resisting it.
If we can feel the energy and accept it, we will feel more comfortable with that degree of intense energy. The next time we feel love, we can allow more love energy to express itself in our life. The only reason we are not able to feel love is because we don’t want to feel the negative energy. The truth is that the energy is neither negative nor positive. It is just energy. If we push down the energy of negative emotions, we will also push down the same intensity of love energy.

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