Friday, May 22, 2015

Personal sharing of manifesting and creating yours

Beloveds, this is my latest and last post (for now) before my inner journey which begins as of today. As I have mentioned in my latest article I AM called to spend some time on the inner planes and it has been felt that this will be until just after the solstice in June. So a little more than 1 month to work and create on the inner plane and to birth some new seeds which I have been integrating since the SUPER Portals of March - April. I continue to do and book reading work, just not able to answer messages and emails during that passage (except for the channeling course, attunements participants and the booked readings). Enjoy the last very personal video and remember that I have created and put audio packages, channeling course packages and other tools online in great discount rates! EVERYTHING is in discount except for the readings.!specials--special-prices-and-discounts-/cn4
This to keep on supporting you an myself during my more absent online time.

Don't forget to check out one of my latest video's about Multidimensional experiences

 See you later on and I will be back online when something can be shared during a breather. Until then; see you in the heartspace! heart-emoticon

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