Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jill Renee Feeler ~ 5 Steps to Tune to Your Inner Rhythms

5 Steps to Tune to Your Inner Rhythms
For anyone feeling tired or drained by any need to keep up to speed with what energetic cycles are happening when and why and how and what, please consider there is another way to do this. Your brain doesn’t have to be aware of such external events for you to be productive, joy-ful and expansive.

No longer being mentally aware can look like this:
1) allowing and make room for your expanded soul-fulness to be present in all facets of your life, like a foundation or core root of your human experience, while
2) being appreciative and dedicated to your human journey and the physical realities of Earth.
3) deciding to be committed to your human; that this journey matters and is worthy of your love, time and attention.
4) choosing that expansion no longer has to mean leaving the body or getting out of our human, or the proverbial “going home”. When this is in fact also your present home… simultaneously.
5) claiming your Light of God to be here, fully present among your human energy field. Creating a system where your eternal Light and your personal assigned/created human actually go together.

In this described consciousness range, you allow yourself to simply know there is an expansion window or an integration window underway, without any sort of outside indicator. You are present in the energy in a personal, tangible manner such that outside predictions, forecasts and interpretations then can just be confirmation when/if needed.
For some, this approach may be more relaxing and even more expansive. Forecasts and predictions can take some of us unnaturally out of the present energy cycle underway. The present cycle is just as meaningful as any future “presents.”
Additionally, we feel cycles in a very individual and personal way, anyway, so outside predictors can often be distracting.
Trust yourself, always. Follow your heart and what feels right to you, including approaches of this regard.
We have so many empowering options for how to be And I LOVE choices.
With love and blessings,

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