The Council
We shall speak now of dedication. You quite likely have not thought of yourself as being dedicated, yet almost all of you are dedicated to something. Give this a moment’s thought. What are you dedicated to?
Are you dedicated to things which reflect the nature of your being? And the answer to that is, yes. Of course you are. Now, list what those things are. You will find a very accurate description of what the current state of your consciousness is. We suggest that this might be very useful. This is a mirror, you see.
What we are attempting to give you is an awareness of things that you can sort through and keep, enhance, or discard. Are you dedicated to family? Hmmm, that’s a keeper. Are you dedicated to your work? If so, why? We hope you can see that this could be either a beneficial or a harmful sort of dedication.

Make this list be as long as you are able. These are things that you put your energy into. Your energy is the most valuable thing you have. It is your power. It is what you are. As you learn to see where you best apply it, it can turn into an extremely powerful force in your life.
Of course it is already powerful, but are you using it to your most beneficial effect? Is it being focused on getting you where you want to go, wherever that may be. We are not judging that. You are the one who is free to choose.
We would point out to you that it would be of the most benefit to you if the choice were made consciously. Awareness of what you do and why you choose to do it is a large part of what you are calling being awake. It is not only the awareness of what is going on around you. That is important. But the awareness that brings your own growth is the truly powerful awareness. That is what will change you. And that change is what will ultimately change everything.
While we are at it, let us also point out that you cannot be increasing this awareness purposefully without being “in the now.” And now is a good time for you to be in.
Also, “I am ______.”, “I dedicate myself to ______.”, and “I choose to ______” are power statements. These are thoughts that recover your power. Realize the divine, powerful being that you are. Choose what you will do with that. Instead of asking why you are here, create why you are here. That is your true power.
Good day.
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