Friday, May 29, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Meeting the Challenge and Taking the Step

Finding and materializing our new life is a great challenge. Our mind rebels and says I am ok as I am, but our heart says I want more, I want something new and different. For most of us it is too easy to remain in the same old routine. But in order to be truly great and take the next step in our life to change our self and try something new takes courage. We have to rely completely on our self and trust that our heart is right no matter what our mind is dictating to us. We also have to turn to our friends and see what they need and what we can do to help each other.
I will turn 69 years old next month and feel nervous that at this time in my life I want to do something new and different. Why couldn’t I do this earlier in my life? Why now? Well the answer is obvious: I am more ready now than I was in the past. I feel so grateful for all of your support through this Love Mantra Tour. You are really inspiring me to bring out a new Bob and share my wisdom and love with all of you! Thank you for inspiring me to take my next step!

I will take the steps and tune in to what we all need for a better and brighter future. You inspire me! Thank you!

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