Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Letting Go and Letting God-In-You Do It

Today I felt frustrated. I felt clumsy and knocked things down every time I started to do something. So I turned inside and looked at my self. I could not find what I wanted to do. Then I realized that I was thinking too much about what others wanted and what I was supposed to do to make them happy. I wanted to help others with their problems and my heart was in pain because I couldn’t think clearly and do something useful for them. I knew I had to let go of these feelings. They were pouring out of my heart in the same way as the glass of water had spilled onto the table after I knocked it over.
As I let go, the emotions poured out more freely and I had an insight. It just flashed into my consciousness with a burst of inspiration. I was so concerned with what the world expected of me that I forgot to tune in and see what made me happy. There was no inspiration coming from my heart. There was only the imaginary push from others around me to do something that would change their life and not my own. I had forgotten the basic principle of happiness that tells me to be more mindful of what I really want deep down inside of me. The solution was very simple: tune in to what moved my heart and just follow the energy as I set it free to express what I really wanted for my self.

This is called centering. When we look too much at what we are supposed to do, we lose our center and get confused and frustrated with the world around us. Simply tuning in to what my heart wanted to say to me allowed me to get clear.
Each of you has a storehouse of Love and Inspiration inside. Let go of the pressure from the world around you and look inside of your self. What are you doing to create this problem? Your frustration and confusion has been building up and you have allowed it to control you. Let go of it. It is not important. Tune in to the silent place inside your heart and observe how you have created this problem.
Observe your own thoughts and see how they are behaving. You will see how you created this problem by your own energy and thinking. Now let go of this habit and just be quiet. In that quietness your heart will move and you will feel what you need to do. It’s that simple. When you let your heart guide you without trying to fit in to what the world demands from you, you will feel more peaceful. In that peace the heart will move and naturally show you what to do.
Moving with the heart brings you back to your own original essence. Following your own inner guidance is the way to happiness. This is the mighty Force of God-In-You and not your ego or individual mind. Happiness never comes from the logic of our ego/mind. Real happiness comes from letting go and letting God move through us.
At the very center of your being there is One Unified Non-Dual Consciousness that we call God-In-Us. When God Consciousness moves, the whole universe is happy and you will find a smile everywhere.

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