Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Global Meditation with the Love Mantra Tomorrow

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on this blog. I feel great knowing that each of you are finding the truth within your self and actively changing your lives. You inspire me to do my best to share my thoughts with you and the great gift of Fulfillment Meditation.
On Sunday we will do puja again with the Love Mantra at 11:30 AM Japan time. You can join in where ever you are at the times listed below.

Close your eyes and go into your heart. Let the Love Yantra move with Divine Love from your heart and share it with all the people of the world. Send your love to Mother Earth and say Thank you to our Divine Mother. Enjoy!

Global Group Mediation with the Love Mantra

  • JAPAN:MAY 31 (SUN) 11:30AM
  • THAILAND:MAY 31 (SUN) 9:30AM
  • INDIA:MAY 31 (SUN) 8:00AM
  • UK:MAY 31 (SUN) 3:30AM
  • US EAST COAST:MAY 30 (SAT) 22:30PM
  • US CENTRAL:MAY 30 (SAT) 21:30PM
  • US MOUNTAIN:MAY 30 (SAT) 20:30PM
  • US WEST COAST:MAY 30 (SAT) 19:30PM
  • HAWAII:MAY 30 (SAT) 16:30PM

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