Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Communicating with our Heart

Thank you for your comments to my blog! I read them everyday and it warms my heart. Even though I don’t have time to answer my heart responds and sends each of you my gratitude and love.
During the Channeling Course we had fun learning how to tune in without using our mind and just listening to the Silent Messages of our Heart. I really need to rephrase this title from Channeling to something that more correctly conveys what we are doing. We are tuning in to our own Inner Guidance or developing more Sensitivity to our True Nature to help guide us in our daily life. It is not about messages from the Masters as much as it is about tuning in to the abundance of Wisdom that exists deep inside of us.

The Wisdom of the Heart has a different way to communicate with us than our mind. As we go inside and just relax, our Inner Guidance gives us clues that we need to put together to discover the true message that our soul wants to share with us. We laughed many times as the answers came up piece by piece to show us a better perspective of what our Guidance was trying to tell us. Communicating with our Heart is full of funny discoveries as our consciousness breaks through the barriers of our mental beliefs and reveals the deeper truths of life.

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