Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor jo dunning

Dear Friend,

I want to take a few minutes and share with you some information about the challenges you may be facing right now. The external world has started its roller coaster ride and the MANY events and concerns expressed to me recently are all part of the changes that are happening. These are times of great changes which are determined by seemingly small choices. We are each deciding the ways in which we will align our consciousness and what will have authority in our lives to make these important choices. Will it be the real You which dwells in Heart and internal guidance or your mind and its logic?

We are experiencing a most amazing opportunity right now on all levels. This is happening because each of our individual vibrations are being raised, as well as the vibrations of the Earth. The changes affecting us and our life are also affecting all life on this planet including our governments, society, animals, weather, land masses, environment and food sources. Each of these are also going through their own challenges and cleansing.

This is all part of the magnificent opportunity each of us has available to assist us to grow and Awaken. The increasing vibrations create a cleansing effect as they continue to move upward. Anything of a lower vibration is being brought to the surface to be cleared and released. The areas of our life that need to come into a higher alignment will become very obvious as they rise to the surface of our awareness.

As this cleansing process takes place in the various areas of our life, it can sometimes cause us concern or create unexpected events or difficulties. Our emotions may sometimes be unstable as we encounter the upsets and change. Our physical body may become challenged as the difficult experiences of our life begin to clear. Sometimes old fears, behaviors or situations may resurface during the clearing process. It is easy during these times to begin to feel overwhelmed, stuck or discouraged. It often becomes more difficult to keep up with the daily demands, schedule and details. The path ahead, once clear and easy, may now seem confused and uncertain.

Sometimes the daily demands of life seem to demand our attention and make it more difficult to maintain the spiritual focus and commitment we once enjoyed. The regular spiritual practices which once graced our life begin to slip into the background as our attention gets diverted to other priorities and needs.

You can relax a little and know this is all part of the purification process as you step deeper into "the refiner’s fire" and become even more transformed and purified.

This time right now is the opportunity for which you have been waiting. Each challenge, each new situation, each distraction is your personal invitation to shift your point of view, adjust a limiting belief, forgive or have a change of heart. Right now, this moment today, is a moment of choice and transformation. We are participating in the time of "separating the wheat from the shaft." It is now time to demonstrate our mastery and begin to live by the wise spiritual truths we have all learned.

The changes are now upon us, they will take place with or without our conscious participation or appreciation. As we live in this new energy every area of our life and personality will be challenged to change. Every area will come up to be reviewed as we are given the opportunities to move into deeper values, integrity and alignment. The choices we are making and the ways in which we respond each moment today will determine the outcome. Will we choose to move into greater levels of trust and wisdom, or will we remain the same and follow the mind and its fears.

These are important times and important decisions. We each much choose to either follow our own personal internal spiritual wisdom or to follow the mind with its many questions of concern and fear. Will we each choose to walk the path of Spiritual Mastery or look outside for our answers and validation. Inside of each of us is the answer to every question and every concern. There is a place of silence and wisdom residing within that can guide us every moment. It is our choice to use this great wisdom and follow its deep Knowing and Truth or to turn to the world of the mind, technology, friends or media for our decisions.

The choices we make are rapidly moving us to a decision point in our spiritual growth. What we each choose will determine the future focus of our consciousness, the opening of our heart and our rate of Spiritual Awakening.

Please take these words to heart. We are each, this moment, standing in the middle of the challenges and decisions which affect our destiny. These are magnificent, powerful, important, enduring and awesome times. The real challenge of the moment is who will we choose to Be in these times? Where will we each look for our guidance and power? What will have authority in guiding our life?

We can no longer afford to just sit back and let things slide by and never really make a commitment or a choice. The time has passed for waiting for someone or something else to do the work for us. There is no time left to sit on the fence. Each choice or non-choice is creating our decision for each of us.

If we are interested in growing Spiritually and becoming a true Master, then the luxury of allowing the mind to run out of control must end. The desire to give our power and authority away to some outside source must be left behind.

The difficulty is we have allowed our mind to be in charge and unchallenged for so long that most of us now believe what our mind tells us about life must be true. The mind will always have another question, another concern or another "good idea" to try. It will always continue to attempt to direct our lives and seek pleasure and avoid pain based on the logic of the mind and the beliefs which direct it.

We have become so identified with our mind and its fears and thoughts we now think our mind is who we really are. We believe how the mind thinks and responds is how we think and respond. And we believe the emotions those thoughts generate are our emotions. It is time now to take charge of the mind. It is time to let the mind move into a different way of service with You as its Master.

Most of us go through life without ever wondering about the mind, how it works and what its role might be in our Spiritual development. We seldom stop to wonder how the mind might be able to assist us in our quest for Oneness, Connection and Unconditional Love. Actually the mind has an important role in all of this.

The mind is the faithful servant of your our Spiritual Growth. The mind has been given the most difficult task of controlling every aspect of you and your life. It agreed to take this job and to continue to do it as long as you would allow it. The mind will conspire to bring up every weakness of your personality, every demand or attraction of the world and create every obstacle imaginable to distract you and keep you in the everyday world.

The mind does this as your loving friend. A friend that will not allow you to step into the powers and gifts of Spirit until you have met and overcome every challenge the mind can create, every weakness of your personality and every attraction of the world. The closer you get to moving beyond the mind, the more vehemently and skillfully it will attempt to control and limit you. It has agreed to keep you in the everyday world until you have developed the integrity, truth, trust, commitment, focus, strength, internal guidance, service and love required to be allowed into the higher realms. It will continue to control you and your life until you have made your choice and taken the steps needed which can lead you into the greater powers and gifts of Spirit.

You have all learned how the mind will attempt to maintain control of your life as you move along your spiritual path. Each person has known at some point the real You will have to take charge of your mind and your life. You have received instruction and information to prepare you for these moments. You have been well prepared and have the gifts and tools you will need to succeed. It is time now to put them to use.

As you continue your journey toward Mastery and greater spiritual growth the mind will use every ploy it knows to maintain its control of you and your life. The mind knows you are about to step beyond its limits and into the waiting arms of Spirit. It wants to be sure it has done its job well and prepared you magnificently for the new world that awaits you.

The mind knows you perfectly, its bag of tricks is endless. It will use whatever you will allow in order to maintain control of your life and consciousness. It will continue to pour its best efforts into your preparation. It wants to be sure that you emerge from its refining fire purified, innocent, transformed and light filled.

On your behalf the mind will use all of your senses to create pleasure or pain as a distraction from your Spiritual focus. It will use fear, confusion, doubt, judgment and blame. It will attempt to fill you with victim thoughts, chaos, worries, turmoil and concerns. It will bring you real or imaged upsets, calamities and an overwhelming list of things to do. It will do its best to cause you to lose spiritual focus, give up and devalue your spiritual path. It will even use the distraction of pleasures such as hobbies, projects, work, romance, excitement, drugs, alcohol, parties, rescuing others, celebrations, holidays, etc.

The mind is the master of illusion and will create whatever is necessary to maintain your veils and sense of separation. It knows exactly how to most effectively control, direct and limit you. It will continue to demand that your choices be logical, linear, repeatable, dependable and make sense. When you attempt to ignore its demands it will bombard you with fears, comments, judgments and blame. It will continue its role as faithful and controlling servant until you finally decide to take charge and become the conscious Master of your Mind.

The question you must answer this moment and every moment is: WHO WILL BE IN CHARGE? Will it be You or your mind?

The real You, has been waiting quietly for you to wake up enough to notice the mind and how it controls you. The real You has been waiting as the mind took you through the obstacle course of life and taught you all you would need to know. The real You has been waiting for you to be ready to choose to be free from the influences of the mind. And it is waiting now for you to notice it and realize your mind is not the real You. It is waiting for you to choose to allow it to be your loving guide for the rest of your life. A guide whose power is quiet, gentle and patient. Yet whose spirit is free, spontaneous, alive, joyful and incredibility simple, pure and wise. As your guide it knows the perfect next step for you to take each moment. It knows the perfect response to every situation in your life. It knows how to take you from where you are to where you are going. It can guide you through every moment of life with ease, grace and impeccable timing and precision.

This real You is inside you right now, waiting, whispering, longing to be set free, longing to guide you. It is waiting for you to decide who will be in charge of you. It is waiting for you to decide who you will allow to direct your thoughts and who you will choose to determine your response to life. It is waiting to know who you will choose to follow and trust each moment as your worthy adviser and beloved confidant.

You, as you are right now today, have an important choice to make. And it is a choice you are making right now with every thought. Even as you read this information, you are making the choice of who is in charge of your consciousness. Did you notice? It is happening right now. Is it You or your mind?

When will you notice? When will you make your final decision? When will you live each moment by that choice? Will it be now, tomorrow, next week, next lifetime, never? This choice is a mandatory step on the spiritual journey. It is a choice which will determine the moment in which you will be taken through "the eye of the needle" and into your conscious connection with Spirit. The choice is yours. You are the only one who can make it.

When will you choose to step into Mastery? When will you choose to wrestle with your mind for control of your life?

What causes you to wait? You have your "worthy opponent." The two of you are well matched. The mind will be your greatest teacher, it will lead you to Mastery and all the gifts that await you. Listen to your mind right now and the reasons it offers you to hesitate, discredit or ignore this opportunity. Each reason is like a light on your path. Each excuse illuminates an obstacle to be transformed. Every objection points to the area in which you have relinquished control to the mind. Your path is clear and well marked. You only need to follow it.

The choice is yours. The outcome is yours as well.

There is a new way of life that awaits you. It is beyond the demands and limits of the mind. It is a life filled with joy and deep ongoing peace. A life in which you can experience the feeling of love vibrating in every cell of your Being. A life lived feeling deeply connected and incredibly blessed and cherished every moment. A life lived from deep within your heart, following your guidance, trusting the process and taking the next step.

Are you ready for that experience?

Are you willing to go through the challenge of Mastering the Mind?

Are you prepared to maintain that commitment?

Are you ready to step into the life, gifts and responsibility of Spirit?

The Heavens are waiting for your decision. When will you make it? When will you follow it?

It is time NOW to step fully into the Magnificence of You.

Are you ready?

Then begin.

I Love you!

With deepest love and respect for you on your path,


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