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Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers - May 29, 2015

 COR8 - Smallest

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you once again.

We look out upon your world, and we are astounded — astounded at the changes in human affairs, astounded at the shifts and transformations in surface life on your planet, and greatly astounded by the leaps and bounds taken in the evolvement of your spirits' consciousness.

We would say in fact, that though it appears little has changed from even one or two months ago, that this could not be.

For the astrological shifts and occurrences, the amazing Light pouring in via Alcyone the Great Central Sun, the incredible celestial tones and frequencies held constantly by the Angelic realms, who are circling Earth in ever greater numbers — all of this ensures that your Ascension is moving forward quickly — as quickly as it can, without throwing your physical aspect into shock.

Certainly it is clear that not all of the dark hats have left the planet, or ceased their operations, one might say. Certainly Earth Herself is shifting rapidly, and producing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and other natural shocks and shifts that can be frightening to hear of, let alone witness.

Yet profound change is taking place, and you are fully aware of such, though still to a degree, on an unconscious level, where much of your awareness still rests.

And we are ready — all of us here in the Ashtar Command, and many others in numerous races and cultures whom we call brothers and sisters — we are ready to meet you face to face, and are positioned for that beautiful moment, when ships begin to de-cloak in ways that millions on Earth will witness.

Understand that this very great moment (which is actually a series of moments, and not any one single “event”) is being worked toward as we write this, in the most powerful halls of government in your world, in addition to the enactment of NESARA law.

Your leaders are discussing not what (disclosure of the Galactic presence) but when, and how.

This is unprecedented, since the fall of Atlantis, and we cannot emphasize enough how powerful, important, and beautiful a moment you are facing. Understand too that we cannot appear at any time, in any way, that would terrify thousands of people.

And so there is always planning and preparation to be done, anytime this sort of situation is presented to those on your planet. And there have been other times. But not in the era of mass media, of electricity, telephones, and photographs.

This is a time when humankind is joining together, having intentionally gone round the dark hats’ suppression of many advanced technologies, to find a way, however tortuous the path, to connect all of humanity via one medium.

This was accomplished by the 1990s, when your internet became available to many millions around the world. And it is being accomplished in another sense as well, as human beings’ capacity for telepathic communication increases daily.

That is actually far more important and a far greater development than any physical technology, and we celebrate and note such, with much joy and feelings of congratulation for you.

In fact, in this time when so many are “graduating” in the academic sense, we must congratulate and cheer you all, for your astounding progress and evolvement, in terms of lifting your energies above the machinations created to suppress and “disarm” your innate abilities.

You have begun to remember that you have wings, and are able to fly.

The increasing vibrational energy on Earth now is inescapably, irretrievably powerful — and that energy is Love. Though we speak of Light and higher frequencies often, what we mean by such, is the power of the Universe to exponentially increase realizations and experiences of Love in all its brilliant forms.

This is why you are here, and this is why you have returned to be upon the Earth at this “never before,” previously unwritten, and nearly undreamt of time.

And so when you think of Disclosure of our presence, understand you are not merely meeting old friends and family whom you work with and visit etherically, in your sleep state.

You are not merely beginning an era of unending peace and prosperity, of increasingly intercultural connection and communion, or even of your own Ascension. You are re-creating life as it is now known — on your planet, and among your human race.

That valiant and powerful effort to ascend an entire planet as well as your own consciousness is even now beginning to outshine the years of pain, struggle, and shadow that you have climbed through.

Yes, you will say to yourself in that New Earth. It was all worth it.

Namaste! We welcome you — tell your leaders, whether in writing or telepathically, that you are ready to welcome us!

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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