Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ Stand in the Energies of Light


All that was once done has become undone.  All that was seen and was once taken for granted has now become invisible to the senses.  All that is hidden beneath the surface; beneath the surface of the flesh, of the cells, of the memory, of the earth surfaces in disguise as it make its ways down the neuro-pathways  of your remembrance. 

Many energies come forth wearing guises of goodness that are really holographic wolves in sheeps clothing.  Each day you will be tempted to be angry, to be jealous, to be unhappy, or fearful. Each time you energetically walk into an emotion that is lower of nature it is then that the darkness becomes your silent partner.

Being taught through trickery and darkness of self is one the hardest lessons that you shall ever encounter in earth school. It easy for you to understand what is light and dark outside of yourself, However when it comes to the inner terrain of your mind and heart, gray befalls ones choices as One seed of negativity can ruin your day and the day of those around you.  One negative thought about yourself can darken the rest of your afternoon an keep you from fulfilling a light contract. 

Understand this my 'child of light'. When you are at an intersection of self within darken negative thoughts; you are very close to edge of the light.  one step away from falling into a very deep black hole, Your biology either embraces the light or the dark at every thought and situation. Every thought can be a blessing or a curse. when you walk thru your biggest fears with each thought you either partner with the dark or the light.

Stand in the energies of Light as you walk through the tunnel of confusion and fear  in your mind.  Every failure, every guilt ridden thought comes to ride your emotions. as painful as it is this comes to make you stronger, to work out the muscles of your soul and your heart.  Are you ready to carry the weight of this NEW LIGHT or can you be tricked into giving up so easily when conflict befalls you? 

Inwardly, you are pureness of heart.  Do not carry your guilt's from minute to minute, day to day, lifetime to lifetime. Guilt's are enormously heavy like a black star, they are dense and burden you emotionally and psychically .  As you walk through your thoughts that are shadowed in fear realize that your very own shadows are trying hard to become light.

LOVE IT ALL for that is the only way you can move ahead. You are asked to 'TAKE  your POSITION OF LIGHT'.  In this position of light dear ones you cannot falter. When Light shines on life it creates shadow. Sometimes shadow appears larger than light. remember DEAR ONES Without the light the shadow cannot exist at all.

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