Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Staying Centered as the World Turns Around You

As our Consciousness grows we are more present on the inside. The Great Observer inside is more alert and centered. It’s a simple feeling of inner silence that keeps us stable when the world is storming around us. We feel more present inside and less vulnerable outside. It is like the ocean might have a storm on the surface but deep inside it is calm.
Even our thoughts are outside the Inner Observer. The thoughts and feelings in our mind can still shout at us, but no longer push us. Just like the waves can throw our boat around on the surface, if our boat becomes a submarine and dives under the surface we become calm. We remain centered inside as an observer of our thoughts and can make clearer decisions than we could before.

This feeling of Inner Presence can be very strong sometimes and might even make us dizzy as we feel a new level of the Presence coming up. But all is well, the Presence is getting stronger and we are adjusting to the new experience of not being so attached to the outside world as well as the world of our thoughts and emotions.
The most important thing to do when the Presence becomes stronger is to move our heart and feel more love. Generate love from the inside rather than responding to the outside. If we become too emotional, turn inside and let go. Just relax into the inner silence and express love without attachment to the reasons for your emotions. Don’t worry about what is happening outside, just move your love from inside and change the situation.
Centering in this way will help you to be free of the push and pull of the world and help you to be more Non-Dual in your outlook. Buddha told us to calm yourself inside if you want your world to be calm. Take care of your inside and watch how the outer world changes. Respond with emotions and watch how the world stays the same and never changes.

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