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As women we are at this time asked to move into a true a deeper and most profound reconnection with our own core rootvoice, or core root as held within our wombs, our sacred womanhood, and to honor this and truly celebrate ALL which makes us unique and special, and which is in essence the Goddess expressing herself through us.  If we truly reconnect with our own root voice and root expressions and are truly anchored in there, then our whole life changes and with it our own creative flow.
To find your root voice, that true essence of who and what you are and what you would love to express as woman, is first of all to become truly at home and a peace with your own body.  As women we so often tend to find fault with our bodies, and tend to see the imperfections, instead of honoring and loving our physical forms and seeing that as a sacred temple created by the Goddess and move into the loving of every single cell, atom, organ, gland, skeleton, bone, bone marrow, sinew, muscle, skin, pore, hair – ALL of ourselves.  God never creates imperfections, and we were never meant to all look alike nor have the same physical form.  I always think that it would be dreadfully boring if we are all created the same!

The next step in understanding your womanhood is to examine where your feminine self is honored or dishonored.  The following “I am a woman” survey will assist your assessment.  Take it now to see where you are beginning, and then repeat it along your journey of rediscovering your womanhood to mark your progress.  If you are not sure what a particular question means, take some time to ponder or even free write on what you think it might mean to you.  There is neither right nor wrong way to honor you as a woman.  These questions are designed to help you discover the desires of your feminine self:
Survey to reconnect to your root voice – your womanhood:
Answer the following questions accord to the following responses, placing the respective number next to each statement:
Never (2);   I’d like to (0); Definitely (2); Unsure (-1); Sometimes (1).
______________ I celebrate my femininity.
_____________   I have a regular creative practice.
_____________   I make time to enjoy my creations.
______________   I nourish my female body.
_____________    I follow my own inherent rhythms.
_____________   I access my root wisdom.
_____________ I routinely utilize my tools for holistic pelvic self-care to restore balance to my core.  (Pelvic bowl meditation and vaginal (yoni) massage).
___________    I acknowledge my feminine wounds and claim my feminine gifts.
___________   I think of my pelvis and womb as a sacred place and honor this as holy and sanctified.
____________   I challenge cultural and family myths regarding femininity.
___________   I embody my own unique expression of the feminine.
__________    I hold my ground and speak out my needs as a woman – I give voice to what is there deep inside of me.
__________   I embrace my full feminine radiance.
Now tally up your score and access how well you honor yourself as a woman.  The maximum score is 28, though the goal is not necessarily achieving a certain number, but rather grows an internal sense of where and how you might embrace your ability to honor your feminine self.  For any statement that received a score of 0 or below, ask yourself how you would like to be honored or newly engaged in this aspect of femininity.
For a woman to make her own relationship with the feminine real and therefore an intricate part of herself and her life force expression, her vibrancy, her radiance, she must reconnect to her root voice: – the clear and honest voice of woman’s core feminine self.  When she focuses her attention on the root of her body, a woman will often hear this voice that reflects her maternal and creative wisdom.  The inner root voice will always acknowledge the places a woman has relinquished (given away) her own power, forgotten her creative dreams, or tends to forgo her own well-being – giving too much of herself and not nurturing herself with tender, loving care.
We can only tune into our root voice, when we value ourselves.  This means that women must tune into themselves first of all, rather than following others or the whims of society or trying to please the outer world as they perceive women to act, be, dress, look like etc.
With too much emphasis places on externalize value (what others think, do etc.), a woman is unable to hear what lies in her center.  Her creation may be attempts to give herself a sense of value, however many women then tend to compare themselves negatively with others, and then the self-confidence and self-worth takes a dip.  Add to this shame and guilt.
If instead a woman comes from her center, then she knows her inherent value and brings that value to the world, with confidence, with radiance, with a vibrant rootedness.  She creates and lives not from a void, but from the abundant beauty, the essence, the voice that arises from her core – it is her core-soul expression.
To hear the voice of your root, begin to find your center.  Your center means the center of your body but also the core areas of creative joy in your life.  Begin this practice by guiding your attention from your head down to your pelvic bowl.  Bring your breath and your focus to the base of pelvis.  Take a moment to listen.  What is your root telling you?  Where is your creative joy?
Now visualize a particular situation that challenges you in your life.  Respond first with your head voice and then with your root voice. Do you sense the difference?  Your head voice will say things like:  I wonder what they think about what I am doing or I don’t really have a preference.  I can’t do this.   Your head voice often compromises your TRUTH, be vague, or trivialize your needs.
Your root voice will say:  This is what I know, or, my strength is here, or, I’ll take that one. Your root voice will be honest, direct, creative, and serves your best interest.
Your root voice speaks from your deepest feminine self – the Goddess within you.  Whenever you feel lost, come back here to listen.  She is strong.  She is vital. She is the expression of your authentic woman.
By acknowledging the full range of emotions that accompanies your experience of womanhood, you give voice to your root.  You may ask: What do emotions have to do with my pelvic bowl health?
Emotions are a form of expression, and unexpressed emotions are often held within the core of the body, especially in women, as is pent up anger, resentment, etc. They become obstacles to energy flow – indeed they block the energy flow in that sacred part of you, and create tension, particularly in your lower belly, yoni, and pelvic muscles.  As a result, your root becomes a container for the energy of these unexpressed emotions.  Acknowledging buried feelings and releasing the contained and blocked energy is essential for your vital energy flow and the clarity of your root voice.
On this journey to recover your wild, exuberant, vibrant femininity, every emotion stuck in your root is guiding you to rediscover you root expression.  The pain in your body often echoes generations and lifetimes of loss of trauma, or misuse and abuse, and it takes time to move through the layers upon layers of feelings held in your pelvic bowl. It can be intimidating to do the inner cleansing and clearing work, but with every single one of these released, you are reclaiming another piece of your feminine power and are learning to stand in that, firmly rooted and anchored like a tree.
Women are emotional by nature – they cannot be otherwise.  Accessing the feminine allows us to tap directly into the powerful emotional currents that give rise to our creative energy and our powerful core expressions as women.  By learning to work with the emotional energies, we can receive guidance for healing and enhance the energy flow.  However, we need to MOVE the energy rather than simply reacting to it.
Reflect on your life and womanhood, thinking about what defines your femininity. Where have you been wounded in body and spirit?  Notice where you have disconnected from your yoni, womb or Goddess self?  Where have you denied your womanhood?  Where have you not honored your own sacred space – your womb?
The primary emotions blocking women from their root power is shame and guilt.  Disrespect for the feminine nature has led both women and men to carry a sense of shame about their own feminine aspects.  The female body is shamed.  Shame is unpleasant, and we naturally separate ourselves from anything we consider shameful, or which triggers memory banks where we felt shame.  Shame separates us from our own vital self and disempowers us as women.
This often will express itself as vaginal diseases, as discomfort during intimacy, or withdrawing emotional, or closing off in some way.
The well-being of a woman’s pelvic muscles impacts her level of sensation and plays a vital role in her sexual pleasure.
When she has rid herself of all those emotional blocks, the emotional pain, she has stored in her pelvic region and her cell memory banks there, she becomes radiant from her centre… she carries herself with an inner sense of peace that increases her access to joyful energy.
 A vibrant pelvic bowl makes a vibrant woman, and taking care of the root supports its vitality.
To begin pelvic self-care, it is helpful to visualize your pelvic bowl.  At first this might be daunting and unchartered territory.  Simply imagine yourself exploring a unique and largely undiscovered part of your female body that belongs to you alone.
The pelvic bowl is your ROOT PLACE in your female body.  Bring your attention here when you want to know more about your own creative potential or feel the grounding of your core.
  1. First locate the landmarks of your pelvis on your body.  Place your hands on the UPPER boundary of your pelvic bowl, the pelvic crest, sometimes referred to incorrectly as your hips.  Move your hands toward the front of your bowl to find your pubic bone (the bony region in front of your uterus or bladder opening, where the two halves of the pelvis meet.  Move your awareness there, and let yourself wonder about this area.  Now move back over the tops of your pelvic bowl and feel how the bones clip down in the back.  Here the pelvic bones connect with the sacrum, a beautiful triangle-shaped bone that is about the size of your hand and whose tip ends at the coccyx (the tailbone between your buttocks.)  Place one of your palms over the sacrum and feel the vibrant energy here (there are many nerve endings and blood vessels that weave through the sacrum and nourish the pelvic bowl.)  These landmarks define the shape of your pelvic bowl.  Think about the inner curve of your pelvis and how if forms a protective bowl around your creative centre.  Rest there for a moment, simply reflecting, sensing, feeling and recording whatever it is you find there.  It could come as pictures, memory banks being opened, a sense of discomfort, dis-ease, etc.  Don’t analyze simply acknowledge whatever comes and let go.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine your pelvic bowl. Sense the spaciousness within your bowl and notice your inner awareness of this space.  You may feel a boundary marked by the bones of your pelvis, but the energy of the bowl is broader than this boundary.  Trace the bony boundaries of your pelvis again and sense both the physical and energetic shape of your pelvic bowl.  Start visualizing this, as you would, holding a bowl in your hands….

  1. Bring awareness to the deep centre of your pelvic bowl, to your uterus. Notice this creative well in your core, a denser energy in the centre.  What is your connection to this profoundly feminine place and your own internal creative flow?  Sense, on either side of your uterus, the radiance of your ovaries (as light energy or warmth), shining on each side of your bowl.  Have you ever noticed this source of inner fire, your own creative sparks?  Record what you are feeling, sensing, seeing, and then let go.

  1. Focus on the base of the pelvis, the pelvic ring. The central structure here, located just below your uterus, is your vagina – a passageway.  The lovemaking that you take into yourself, the blood of your fertility cycle, and any babies you bring vaginally pass through this gateway.  Even with caesarean births, energy still releases from the vagina too and can be consciously accessed by breathing and visualizing the birth energy moving through your root.  How does your inner vision imagine your vagina?  What are you presently releasing or bringing in for your creative core?  Is there tension?  Pain? Whatever comes up, acknowledge and release.

  1. Picture the base and front of your bowl. On either side of your vaginal opening, lie the lips, or labia.  Toward the front of your body, as a palpable place of pleasure, is your clitoris.  Between your clitoris and vaginal opening is your urethra, and just above the uterus is your bladder.  What do you notice in front of your bowl?

  1. Picture the back of your bowl. Toward the back of your root, below your vaginal opening, lies your rectal opening.  Between these two opening is your perineum, a dynamic place where many muscle fibres come together.  Touching this area provides an immediate sense of grounding, as a place of connection to the earth’s energy, and it is involved in the profound expansion that occurs with childbirth.  This is also the area that often sustains tears during childbirth, and any scars will benefit from perinea and vaginal massage.  Is that dynamic point holding tension and grounding your root?

  1. Locate your pubic bone and your coccyx again to mark the front and back of your pelvic ring. Envision a group of muscles covering this entire ring at the base of the pelvis.  These vibrant muscles are your pelvic floor, and they provide support to your female organs, maintain your core balance and stability, and play a key role in your sexual pleasure.  Your uterus, vaginal and rectal openings all pass through your pelvic floor.  Make a connection with this base of your pelvis.  What pictures, feelings etc. come to the fore.  Take note and let go.

  1. Find the top of your pubic bone in the front of your pelvis again. Imagine a place just behind it that can be felt through your vagina.  This is the famed G-spot, a physical and energy centre that can be touched to enhance the sensations of lovemaking.  What do you notice when you focus your attention there?

  1. Close your visualization and reflect on your observations. Give thanks for this, your precious pelvic bowl.
 Meditation for cleansing and HONOURING YOUR PELVIC BOWL:
Take deep breaths and relaxed your whole body.
Bring awareness to your pelvic bowl and reflect on your relationship to your feminine core.  Where did you feel tension… pain… emotional shrinking?  Notice how it feels to spend time in your creative centre.  Acknowledge places in need of healing or celebration.
In meditation go into your pelvic bowl, visualizing it filled with beautiful, soft pink, white and golden energy.  If you feel peaceful or at ease in your centre, the energy is clear.  If you feel agitated, negative, tense, or had difficulty keeping your focus, it is time to clear the energy.
Walk the edges of your bowl, imagining yourself carrying a golden broom. Start systematically sweeping your bowl, cleaning those areas where you sense pain, or see debris… lightly sweeping and touching each place.  Where do you get stuck, like in nookies and crannies where the dirt has accumulated?  Sweep until clean and sweep this through the opening at the bottom of your pelvic bowl…. Keep doing this…
Pay particular attention to any areas of your bowl that you might tend to avoid and work in those areas with focused intent.  Your bowl is not dirty, but simply in need of attention.  Clarify your bowl with love and respect, using gentle and thoughtful movements.
 Visualize an element (like air, water, or fire) cleansing your bowl, balancing the energy and assisting the movement of stagnant energy down through your root and into the earth.  Using water, for instance, simply keep washing it, or like in a shower simply rinsing and rinsing until crystal clear and beautifully clean….
When you are finished, bless you pelvic bowl by calling in the radiant energy of the Divine Mother.  Imagine the golden warmth of sunlight touching, healing, energizing and filling your centre.
You can do this three or four times a week.
Best is to bring your awareness to your root, a few times a day.  Simply visualizing beautiful golden/white/pink light flooding the area…. and putting your hands, around that area.  If you know Reiki you can simply send in energy into that area, via your hands….
(Judith Kusel)
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For further reading and acknowledgement to:  Tami Lynn Kent “Wild Feminine”

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