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Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers - May 22, 2015

COR8 - Smallest

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

So much is happening in your world now.
And we would say, that though much appears to be “not good,” that that is only an appearance, and not the actual reality.
It is more than the fact that dark creatures of all levels, physical and etheric, are being chased out of their hiding places and yes, from the realms of “power” as your third dimension defines it.

It is more than the fact that daily, the readiness to enact NESARA fully comes more completely into being.

And it is more than the powerful and positive signs you see around you, such as certain persons running for higher office (such as the gentleman from Vermont), who in years past would not have had a prayer of launching any such campaign.
It is even more than the new-found determination of millions across the planet to cease the ongoing crush of militarized policing and privately funded armies and paramilitary groups.

The greatest and most beautiful good that we refer to has to do with the increasing willingness of so many millions of Lightworkers to live from the I AM perspective.

To fully grasp and realize their Creator (or if you prefer, their co-Creator) role within the Universe.Inline image 1

And those who are perhaps not here to be on the leading edge, are nevertheless benefiting from the higher energies and the joy that Lightworkers are exhibiting in their daily lives.
For your history has for so long been hampered and troubled with all forms of what is considered bad and negative, that your planet has suffered the ongoing degradation of lower energies that have kept Her own Ascension at a distance, for far too long.
Three Dolphins - MED
And we would say, that far from being defined by those lower energies, as you have been for millennia, you are now claiming a far greater, more expansive, more joyful existence than previous generations (since the fall of Atlantis) could ever have dreamt of.

And will it happen all at once, this New Earth?

Will you suddenly have all challenges replaced by glorious, pristine environments, and a life without competition for resources, with complete awareness of your own power, of your own ability to create higher solutions?
We would say, that at any time, you may create that world if you wish.
But it would be a low probability situation, most assuredly.

For all is a path and a process, and you are all on a beautiful journey, though you may be hampered by self-doubt, memories of a painful past in this life and others, and moments when you wonder if things will ever change.

Yet, they have changed, and will continue to do so!
How could it be otherwise?
How, when our ships are spotted clearly in your skies in increasing numbers of sightings, each day, and publicly shared on your internet, though your mainstream media is still too terrified to show them?
Ship in Gray Sky
How could it be otherwise, when you daily grow more brilliant in your crystalline bodies and consciousness--yes, we see this growing Light within all of you, and we rejoice at it.
And how could it be otherwise, when Love is becoming the norm, and with it the pillars of compassion, empathy, and respect upon with Love is based--even in schools that were once overwhelmed by bullying problems, and in homes and businesses where the inhabitants were once treated callously or with utter indifference.

We know things are changing, friends, because you are changing.

Your consciousness is reaching higher and glowing brighter by the moment, and we could no more deny that than deny that you exist, that you came here to live upon the Earth at this time to not only “witness great things,” but to create great things.
It is you have created Divine government on your timeline, not us.
Though we are pledged to aid you in whatever ways that we are allowed, we are not the makers of your reality--that we leave to you.

And is that decision purely a matter of, as they say, following the Prime Directive?
No. It could not be merely left to that, though that is of course a part of our thinking.
It is a matter of your Creator abilities, and your love of that brilliant and astounding planet that you love with all of your hearts, minds, and beings.
It is a matter of beginning to remember who you are, and not merely who you are becoming.
For you have done this before!

You have ascended before, and are doing so again, and will never again be in a situation in which you must experience the sort of pain and struggle that hundreds of Earth lives have made you witness to.
Starfish - Smaller
Behold--all is made new again, and this New Earth, though it is yet another journey, if a far more joyful one, will contain new forms of community living, new forms of cooperative work projects (which will be too enjoyable to all work).

She will hold new forms of healing, of nutrition, of animal-raising, child-raising, elder-reverence, and travel, such as are difficult for you to imagine now.
And yet, you are imagining it all!

Your Divine Selves have imagined it all, or it would not already exist on your timeline.
It would not already be in the process of becoming your visible reality.

Remember who you are, Creators of joy, of Love, of fulfillment, of human freedoms.
This is your New Earth you are making. Your new life you are building.
And we welcome you, and say Namaste! We see your Divinity, and we celebrate such, at every moment.
And so must you.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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